detroit downtown1 ABC's Crime Drama "Detroit 187" May Get DumpedABC’s TV crime drama “Detroit 1-8-7” may need the help of 9-1-1.

The future of the Tuesday night crime show appears to be up in the air. Rumors are, the series will be replaced by a new program called “Body of Proof,” starring actress Dana Delany. The change could come in March of next year.crime sceen shooting ABC's Crime Drama "Detroit 187" May Get Dumped

“Detroit 1-8-7” stars actor Michael Imperioli and is shot here in Detroit.

Ratings for “Detroit 1-8-7” have not been impressive enough to keep the gutsy crime drama going. It currently has about about 8-million viewers per episode.

When the show premiered, it had an initial audience of 9.8 million viewers. The program airs Tuesday nights at ten o’clock on WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in Detroit.

(copyright 2010. WWJ Newsradio 950. The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

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  1. Judy Dawson says:

    My husband and I love this show!Both the acting and story lines are great! Detroit 187 is one of our favorite shows. Sure hope you give it more time to find a following.

  2. B.Ewing says:

    I am sick of reality shows. Detroit 187 is a good show and should be left alone. Not everyone is a teeny bopper or a twenty something and love reality, some of us have lived reality and just want a good story with surpurb acting.

  3. JOANNE says:


  4. Kudou says:

    smhteoing about Chuck that I was absolutely not at all threatened or nervous about letting him into my condo. Actually, that says smhteoing about YOU. He was a STRANGER that you met on the internet and had a drink with, ONCE .and you let him into your condo?! Not trying to judge = just trying to show you how overly trusting you are. You are putting yourself in unsafe positions and you dont realize it. Read about boundaries and please be more careful! (No, this is not your mother. Just another former online-dater who is worrying about you

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