Here’s yet another worthy Pepsi Refresh grant recipient candidate from the Detroit area.

Oakwood Healthcare is in the running for a $50,000 grant for the Center for Exceptional Families in Dearborn.

Hospital officials are trying to bring an all-inclusive, special needs accessible playground feature to the center, which serves families with special needs children throughout southeastern Michigan.

The project can be found at Oakwood Special Needs Playground Seeks Votes On Pepsi Refresh

CEF manager Tammy Morris said the play structure “allows access for any child with a disability, allows for creative play for all children, and is also great fun for kids in therapy working on a whole bunch of physical skills, climbing skills and social skills. I love the fact that by nature a ‘fort’ is an exclusive club and ours is going to be the most ‘inclusive’ fort in the area.”

The Pepsi Refresh project started last January, when the company decided to divert funds normally spent on advertising during the Super Bowl to a large number of projects throughout the nation. Grants are chosen through online voting — anyone can vote for a project once a day — at the Web site,

The top 10 monthly projects receive funding. The top 100 are automatically rolled over to the next cycle.

The CEF provides high-quality health care, social counseling, mental health services and physical therapy that enables young people to take on leadership and advocacy roles in their community and helps them transition to adulthood and independence. The CEF annually serves thousands of families throughout southeastern Michigan, regardless of their ability to pay, Morris said.    

Morris said the online voting only takes seconds, and it’s a good way to support the facility for those who may not otherwise be able to.

“For years we have had families and friends of the program, who may not have a lot of money, but have still wanted to help the Center and our patients and families,” said Morris. “Now, in addition to volunteering, we have another way that families can help us without spending even a dime — they can help by just going to the Pepsi Refresh Web site and voting for our playground every day.”

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