Wednesday, December 8, 2010 -IM FUN, what to expect from a Reindeer Menu-
10-What to expect with reindeer on the menu? I don’t know but I won’t be going “stag” because I was hoping to hook up with someone before Christmas so I can get an extra Christmas present. -steve at work
9-What to expect from an all reindeer menu: If you get an upset stomach doctors recommend that you take at least one “Elk”-a-seltzer! -bp
8-Two turtle doves, one cup. -Cinammon at Center Stage
7-What to expect: Deshawn Stevenson had Deer tattooed on his neck so the waitress brought him a Kindle. (Reed) -BP
6-What to expect on the menu that has reindeer? Sleigh Mignon. -Garrett in Redford
5-What to expect…after hours it turns into a Strip CLub and Pacman Jones makes it REINdeer. -AV
4-What to expect on the menu? The “Endless Bowl of Reindeer Pasta”…seriously, it’s endless – it’s served in Placido Polanco’s batting helmet. -big al
3-Guy I don’t know what they are serving but I hear they are having a big problem with dine and DASHERS. -Dave at work
2-Rocky Moutain oysters, under a buck. -unt
1-What to expect: the deer and coffee combo is called the Joe Buck. -brett


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