Don’t squeeze the Charmin too hard or you will never bowl the same way again. That is what one Michigan woman learned after a trip to the bathroom at Texas Roadhouse left her with a broken hand. When Sheri Schooley went to reach for a spare square the metal cover of the dispenser fell down hard enough to break a bone and leave visions of dollar signs dancing in her head.

Sheri claims the accident left her unable to cut her own food, forced her out of a job because she can’t type anymore, and saddest of all…dropped her bowling average from 140 to a 95.

But can you really expect a restaurant to check and make sure that their toilet paper dispensers are latched? According to the Michigan Supreme Court the answer is hell yes! They just ruled this week that Sheri can sue the pants off of Texas Roadhouse. I guess latch inspection is supposed to be right up there with drink refills and twisting the foil around your leftovers into the shape of a steer.


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