What to expect from people’s holiday parties?
10. What to expect from Rip Hamilton’s holiday party? Lots of crying and complaining, then he’ll be thrown out halfway through the party. – Jeff St. Joe
9. How did people celebrate their holiday parties? Tim Tebow celebrated by riding SJP back to the manger to celebrate his birth while turning the party punch into wine – Eric at work
8. What to expect from peoples parties. . Lindsay Lohan’s party will include the finest boxed wine and cheese puffs that selling yourself for money can buy – Cory
7. During holiday parties Rich Rod held hands with his friends and family and sang some christmas songs – Brad
6. What other people are doing for the holidays.. SJP is having the Budweiser clydesdales over for drinks and a little horse play! – Tim
5. What to expect at the wing’s holiday party.. Well Babcock was drunk but his hair wasn’t. – Paul from Livonia
4. What to expect at the Lions holiday party- Stafford will serve the turkey, and some how get injured. Pettigrew will drop his plate, and Suh will get fined for cutting in line. – Ian at work.
3. What can we expect from Travis Henry’s X-mas? Three babies due next september. – Jeremy in clarkston
2. Snookie will treat every guy like he has mistle toe hanging from his belt. – Dustin
1. What other people are doing for their holiday party….Kim Kardashian will be having one big ass blow out! – Tim


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