Lansing-based IDV Solutions last week released a Salesforce Data Connector for their flagship product, Visual Fusion business intelligence software. 

The new connector lets business users combine Salesforce data with other critical business information inside Visual Fusion applications. This enhances Salesforce with interactive data visualization and superior business intelligence. Salesforce Visual, a public demo, showcases this new capability by visualizing Salesforce data with Fortune 500 historical content.

Visual Fusion is innovative business intelligence software that unites data sources in a web-based, visual context for better insight and understanding.  With today’s release, it now connects directly to the Salesforce database, letting users combine Salesforce data with other business information — including content from SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, and relevant Web feeds. A business user can then analyze Salesforce content in the context of geographic sales presence, historic performance, marketing activities, demographics data, product availability, and more. 

Within Visual Fusion, Salesforce users can interact with their data in maps, timelines, charts and graphs. Interactive data filters empower business users to slice and dice their data, to focus on key subsets and interact with individual populations. Visual Fusion amplifies the value of Salesforce data by promoting in-depth analysis and opening new avenues of discovery, all within a self-service BI approach.

Said Scott Caulk, vice president of product management at IDV: “Salesforce is a ubiquitous tool for relationship management, and now Visual Fusion brings powerful data visualization and ad hoc querying capabilities to that platform. You can see something like current pipeline value in a traditional Salesforce report, but now you can quickly slice that by any combination of account owner, region, industry, timeframe, stage, lead source, and so on, and get your question answered immediately. That’s tremendously valuable to Salesforce users.”

IDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gain more insight from data. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and the highest quality user experience.

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