The quiet of a frigid winter evening in a west Dearborn neighborhood was shattered Monday night by the explosion of a propane gas tank.
According to police and firefighters, the 100-pound propane tank was behind a garage in the 24800 block of Ross when, for still-unknown reasons, it exploded.
The tank was used to supply gas to a garage heater.
dearborn explosion2 Explosion Rocks Dearborn NeighborhoodThat garage is now a pile of debris. Also heavily damaged was the garage next door, just to the east of the explosion.
At the Fisher family residence next door just west of the explosion, the blast tossed pictures and shelves off walls like an earthquake.
The blast was heard for more than a mile around and attracted a crowd of hundreds of onlookers. Debris from the destroyed garage littered nearby yards and roofs.
Luckily, according to police and firefighters, the incident produced only a few minor injuries.

Comments (3)
  1. felix3223 says:

    I live a half mile away and this shook the house so bad, I thought a tree fell on the roof. Incredible shockwave

  2. fosho1881 says:

    I live 10 blocks down, on pennie and we heard and felt the explosion!

  3. frizzy says:

    I live on outer dr and pelham,and it shook my house and woke me up out of a dead sleep

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