Sara’s Blog: Michael Vick Needs A Bison

Michael Vick is making headlines right now because he says he would like to own a dog when his probation is over. Does it have to be a dog Mike? Why not go in a different direction with your pet selection and go with a Bison? Bison equals badass. Just ask Jim Sautner of Alberta, Canada. He and Bailey (a 1600 pound Bison) roll out in Jim’s modified Pontiac to hit the bars together. Now THAT is an impressive pet. Bailey has a taste for beer and I am sure he makes a great wing man (allegedly panties drop when you bring a Bison into a bar).

Click HERE to see the video

sara sig Saras Blog: Michael Vick Needs A Bison

  • michael

    if you think hot dogs are getting stale turn on the light and pray for flying cats. when i get my 70000 dollar lexus out of the shop maybe ill go on a vacation

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