Today on the show we played some audio from Michael Vick saying that he would like to own a dog again. We took many calls from listeners that said Vick should be able to own a dog. My question is why should he be allowed to own another animal period? This is the same man who was found guilty of killing and torturing dogs. I don’t care if they were fighting dogs and he looked at them as a business and not a family pet. It doesn’t matter! This man made a choice to be a part of the torturing and killing of dogs, he has lost his privilege of having a dog. I agree that he went to jail and paid his debt to society and should be able to seek out employment and live his life to the best ability he can… but that does not include owning another dog in his life. To hear caller after caller defend his ability to have another dog is something that I cannot support. Take a listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

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  1. Isa says:

    I look at it like this. He wants a family dog for his children and I don’t believe he would ever do anything to hurt that dog.
    Should people that go out hunting be allowed to have pets? When a deer gets shot it doesn’t always die right away, many times they suffer for quite some time. People that go hunt bears often have to shot the bear more than once to put them down. Should these people be able to have pets?
    I don’t like what Vick did at all. But if he is truly a changed man I don’t have a problem with him owning another dog.

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