Ypsilanti-based Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. said Monday it had received two federal grants to support the development of its wireless implantable pressure sensors for the chronic treatment of congestive heart failure, as well as its drug infusion flow sensing technology for safer drug administration.

ISSYS applied for these grants earlier in the year under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program, a federal stimulus program overseen by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. After HHS approval, the IRS then certified the qualifying investment and approved the award amount. The qualified investments primarily represented 2009 research and development expenses which will continue into 2010.

“These grants will be used to improve medical products which utilize the wireless, batteryless, sensing implant technology developed at ISSYS,” said CEO Nader Najafi. “These products target applications including congestive heart failure and traumatic brain injuries. It will also help us take our drug infusion monitoring and pumping technology to the market place.”

ISSYS is a leader in advanced MEMS technologies for industrial, medical devices, microfluidic and scientific analytical sensing applications. Founded in 1995, ISSYS is one of the oldest independent MEMS companies in the U.S.

More at www.mems-issys.com.


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