Other lesser known degrees you can get at Utah…
10. Polygamy Family Planning 101-The Mormon the Merrier – Bill — In New Huddy till tomorrow.
9. Degrees in procrastination, but no one has ever earned it. UNT
8. Other degrees at Utah? Cow Tipping. The final consists of pushing over Snooki. -Amado-
7. Other majors at Utah, radio teases… not availiable until next semester. Dan, Belleville
6. Instant Lottery ticket degree. How to pick em analyze em etc. John, Rochester Hills
5. Other degrees in Utah: Roger Clemens enrolled after learning that at Utah there is no need to pick a major only a minor. BP, Farmington
4. Other programs Utah offers: Bobby Higginson and his effect on society. Matt, Waterford
3. Other degrees offered by Utah? You can get 6 degrees…of Kevin Bacon. Mark, Hazel Park
2. Other degrees at Utah: Bachelor of Arts in Finding Waldo. David, Southfield
1. Other degrees in Utah: Urgeth Urbina is enrolling at Utah to earn his 3rd degree in burns. Brett, Farmington


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