Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick once again insulted anyone who ever voted for him. King Kwame, who, along with his father Bernard and three other associates were charged by a federal grand jury of all sorts of fun stuff like bribery, kickbacks and extortion. Now, we had heard that federal charges were eventually gonna come down and with Kwame’s track record…can’t say I was surprised. While one is in prison, you do not have web access but you can send electronic messages similar to email and you are not allowed to use a Twitter account. However, you can have an account and have someone else Tweet for you. Kwame’s spokesman Mike Paul confirms that this is Kwame’s Twitter account. Kwame has the gall to compare his struggle with those of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The former “leader” of the city had this to Tweet…””Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States rightfully disobeyed the government”…and…”Corruption is innate in government.”…and…”Moral responsibility may compel you to disobey the law.” That last one is my favorite. This man has the gall to tell us he has moral responsibility. Last week Kwame said it’s in God’s hands. So, I guess Kwame is saying it was his Godly moral responsibility to cheat on his wife with his Chief of Staff Christine Beatty? The Kilpatrick’s have become comical, although it’s not funny anymore. Any progress that was being made before 2001 in the city of Detroit has all but been destroyed by this family. And anyone who still supports these fools, clearly has no interest in Detroit ever coming back.

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