Some bars and restaurants may allow their customers to light up that cigarette on New Year’s Eve. Owners say it’s in protest of the ban — which is burning their business.

Ed Deeb, President of the Michigan Food and Beverage Association, tells WWJ many bar and restaurant owners have lost a lot of money since the smoking ban took effect on May 1st.

The goal is for several hundred bar owners to participate in the protest, to show their dissatisfaction of the smoking ban.

Bar owners participating in the protest, say they’ll begin at 9 p.m., after minors are gone. A state study shows more than 70 percent of Michiganians favor the ban and 80 percent believe second hand smoke is a big health risk.

“But, you know, we have a freedom of choice system in our society where people can choose to go into a particular restaurant or bar or tavern or not go on one,” Deeb said.

“If they know they’re smoking, they don’t have to go in there. But, at least give the businessman the choice to be able to make that option as well,” he said.

The state Department of Public Health says that since the ban took effect there have been 486 reports of violations, with more than 150 citations being written up.

Comments (14)
  1. howard says:

    steve please contact me about the protest. i would like to be active.

  2. Darwin Weyh says:

    Which bars?? We’re there!!!

  3. mcdave says:

    been living on retirement acount since may1.hope to here from rick snyder soon if nothing going to change im closed.

    1. David Johnson says:

      write me about the protest

  4. Billy says:

    This would be a optimum time to distribute information to those that denounce the ban.Legislators need to be harrassed on a daily basis as the anti smoking cartel book calls for city council members to her at least 250 phone calls a week to get local bans passed. With unlimited cell phone time use it every time you lite one up. Fight the anti propaganda call their lies for face value of their credibility which they are losing.

  5. brogers says:

    Why are minors in bars anyway?

  6. marbee says:

    Tobacco control will ALWAYS tell people that the non-smokers will come, they won’t. They never have anywhere else either. Yet we still see uneducated legislators enacting smoking bans against the U.S. Constitution as if it did not exist. One of the 5 main things the Constitution guarantees is that this nation protect property rights (from smoking bans) and earnings (taken for tobacco control), yet this uneducated government would take away the rights of tobacco companies and privately owned businesses. It seems that tobacco control believes that they are in charge of the Constitution these days. We The People did NOT give tobacco control this power, and it’s time to take it away from them!

  7. Cyzane says:

    Second hand smoke is not a significant health hazard. Smoking bans should be repealed.

  8. TheBaker says:

    BAR OWNERS, please join the protest. You have so many backers and not just from your smoking (ex) customers but also from your non. Anti’s like to call themselves the majority. Anti’s are just bullies who are not out for the better good for anyone other than just themselves. Make a stand. Make it so Michigan stands out as being the State that fought back and give yourself the chance to get your business back. Remember No Pain…No Gain!

  9. R.E. ROBB says:

    I am a smoker. I was never a person who went to bar’s on a regular basis, but
    when the option popped up that a friend and or friends, ( most of whom also
    smoke ), wanted to get together for a couple, we now choose to stay away from
    bar’s and go to someones home, simply because of the ban. The only reason the
    State allows you to smoke in a casino, is that the State makes money from these
    institutions. It’s way past time we bend to the wishes of a few, against the wants
    of the majority. And yes, the Constitution does come into play on this. But like so many things, ( Obamacare ), it’s just a piece of paper anymore.
    How long will it be before it will be banned to eat a bag of peanuts at a baseball
    game because the person next to you is allergic?

  10. MK says:

    Which bars are going to let adults be adults for a night and ban big brother for a change? This new nanny state country the progressives are creating really sucks!

  11. brogers says:

    I hope restaurants will join the protest too!

  12. A Kanka, St Clair Shores says:

    I would like to support the protest by patronizing the participating bars and restaurants? Is there list of those that will participate? How can I inform the Michigan Food and Beverage Association that I wll support this and future protests?

  13. Debbie says:

    It should be the right of a business owner to decide if he wants a smoke-free environment or not. The business owner pays the taxes and should be shielded from government intrusion. Obviously people who drink alcohol are not too worried about their health, are they? Kill the liver – save the lungs, what a joke! Hold your ground bar owners, the government has no right to make this demand on you.

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