The nationwide unemployment rate is still around ten percent– and that means lots of people are still out there looking for work.

And with so many people looking for so few jobs, its tougher than ever to find a job. To help job seekers overcome the obstacles and increase their chances of finding work, on Monday and Tuesday, the global outplacement firm of Challenger, Gray and Christmas is offering free job search advice to callers throughout the United States.

When trying to secure employment, CEO John Challenger advises job seekers to use their friends as well as technology to help network their way to hiring managers in companies they would like to work for.

facebook1 Free Help For Job Seekers“Through Linked In … and Facebook, you can find people at every company that you know in one way or another, and if it’s just a mere acquaintance, use those people to get you into the back door – into companies to see if they might introduce you to your next boss,” Challenger said. “That’s a better way to try to get to the person who’ll really make the decision to hire you.”

Challenger adds that sometimes the best way to get a full-time job is to do part time or freelance work first.

“As the economy moves now into its second year out of recession, there will be more companies who are looking to move temporary or project workers into more permanent jobs,” Challenger said.

Click here for more job search tips from Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

The number to call to reach a job search counselor on Monday and Tuesday is 312-422-5010. They will be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

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