There’s been a break in the case involving vandalism at  Bronners Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.  Four young men have been arrested.  The four are from Genesee Township — about 30 miles south of Frankenmuth.  

Police say they received a number of tips and worked with Genesee Township police to find a the  “persons of interest.”  Further investigation turned up the four suspects who range in age from 17 to 21.  Charges are pending. 

An estimated $40,000 in damage was done to 75 Christmas Displays.  Bronner’s Spokeswoman Maria Sutorik says what was most upsetting to see was the Nativity Scene destroyed.

Comments (3)
  1. Allen W says:

    Sweet !!! The courts should order them to pay for all damanges, and if they cannot afford it, then their loser parents should be forced to pay.

    1. Rod43 says:

      The “THUGS” names, along with photo’s and addresses should be posted in every major newspaper and TV station. 30 day’s in jail and road clean-up. At ages 17 to 21, not much parents can do, however, the parents names and places of work should be posted publicaly as well!

  2. Ed Barry says:

    Why does everyone always want to blame the parents, as kids are often real sweet at home and turn into monsters when peer pressure is put on them. Suggest they have to work with the sanitation dept in Frankenmuth or their home town until their wage equivalent equals the cost of the damage they caused – make them wear orange outfits so everyone will know they are being punished for their crime.

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