The Detroit Public School District has suspended a teacher at Durfee School for allegedly attempting to sell a district-owned computer to a Detroit pawn shop.  

Karen Drysdale-Oriucci , a DPS teacher since 1994, was suspended with pay, effective immediately, pending a disciplinary hearing. The district’s Office of the Inspector General investigation states that the teacher went to American Jewelry and Loan on Wednesday and attempted to pawn a netbook computer which was issued to her 12 days ago, on December 17.

The store refused to pay the teacher for the netbook, instead confiscating the device and contacting the school district.  New district netbook devices are protected by state-of-the-art security software which is capable of tracking the device and remotely disabling it, and school buildings have instituted additional anti-theft measures in conjunction with the Detroit Public Schools Police Department.

The computers have also been engraved with an image of the DPS  “I’m In” logo on the cover.

DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert  Bobb praised the owners of American Jewelry and Loan and stated, “The dual threat of being caught by the latest high tech security, by law-abiding and cooperating merchants, or both, should send the clearest signal yet that no one is going to illegally profit at the expense of our schools and our students.”

Comments (6)
  1. Sharon says:

    Are thievery and stupidity genetically inherent in our African American friends?

    1. Terrell Nance says:

      That is an idiotic statement.
      Must be a genetic stupid gene in your family.

  2. John smith says:

    sorry but she’s white!!!

    1. Terrell Nance says:

      WHy are you “SORRY” ?????

  3. David Lewis says:

    if you need a payed vacation just steel public property , when you get back from your payed vacation , tell them sorry you won’t do it again and you won’t be fired . Then save you real vacation time for later in the year .

  4. Truth says:

    You should know SHARON, so-called African American was taught by the Supreme Thief and Stupid people. That is how American came into existence, know your history!!!

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