By Greg Bowman

Many of us will probably make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But a Michigan State University Health and Nutrition expert says don’t bother.  

According to MSU Professor Dr. Jon Robison, “There is simply no evidence that any of the popular approaches results in long-term weight loss for the vast majority of people who engage in them.”   And Robison believes that since resolutions usually are not successful, people  are “setting themselves up for failure,”  when the resolution typically is not successful.

Robison adds, “Despite the complete lack of evidence, people are repeatedly seduced into trying to lose weight with the latest reincarnation of these approaches from a diet industry with 50 billion dollars in annual revenues. ”  And Robison goes on to say “The relentless pressure, particularly on women and children to lose weight, increases the likelihood of eating disorders and body hatred.”

To reduce anxiety about food and weight, Dr. Robison recommends that people discard the weight loss focus and embrace a Health-Centered Approach.   He’s written a special report called “Ten Things You Can Do Right Now To Ease Concerns about Your Weight and Improve Your Health.” 

Number one on the list:  Don’t spend another dime on anything or anybody that even remotely suggests they will help you lose weight permenalty.

For for info go HERE


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