Monday marks the first workday for the 48th governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder.

While commuting from his Ann Arbor home to Lansing Monday morning, Gov. Snyder spoke live on WWJ Newsradio 950 to Joe Donovan and Roberta Jasina.

Joe and Roberta asked Snyder about Michigan’s $1.8 billion budget deficit and what his plans are for dealing with it.

“We have to balance the budget,” Snyder said. “It’s the right thing to do, and we need government to be more efficient, so we’re working hard on that and we’ll be aiming to get a budget message out to people in February, and our goal is to get a two-year budget done in the first half of the year.”

Hear the complete interview with Gov. Rick Snyder:

“Is this the first time that’s been done in Michigan,” Roberta asked.

“Other jurisdictions do it,” Snyder said. “Places like Oakland County actually do a three-year budget, so I think it’s the right direction for us to head in terms of better financial planning.”

On the subject of the possibility of imposing new taxes, Roberta and Joe wondered if that would be on the table, at least temporarily?

“The goal is not to raise taxes. Instead, to be more efficient in how we operate government. And I campaigned on the concept of value for money,” Snyder responded. “We need to show our citizens that they’re getting value for their money. It’s a starting point.”

Meantime. Snyder says he still hasn’t decided how much he’ll take in salary as Michigan’s new governor. (More on this).

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  1. jpiston says:

    All I’m hearing from our new Governor is balance the budget by down sizing; which means laying off more workers to add to the unemployment lines. What happen to job creation?? Voters are being blame for credit card debts, foreclosures and not saving enough (this happens when good paying jobs are sent overseas).
    Sure hope this new Governor knows what he’s doing.. down sizing when folks are jobless or force to take lower wage jobs, through no fault of their own…

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