The 39-year-old Morenci, Michigan man, John Skelton faces another court hearing February 9 in Adrian on kidnapping charges. His three sons, 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner have not been seen since Thanksgiving.

Their mother Tanya Skelton tells WWJ police are still actively searching for the three boys. She believes the boys are still alive and hopes they are being well cared for. But, ultimately, she has this plea for whoever has taken her children:

“You’re not their mom, you’re not their dad, please bring my children back home to the family that loves them and misses them.”

Despite the heartbreak, Tanya says what keeps her going from day to day is her faith, as well as the overwhelming support of her community, even total strangers. Tanya Skelton says she’s even gotten word that American soldiers in Afghanistan have held prayer vigils for her missing children.

She believes the boys are still alive, saying, “As a mom I feel in my heart they’re still alive and they’re out there.”

Tanya said she doesn’t think their father would hurt them, saying, “The John that I know, no, he would not. But that’s the John I know, and right now I don’t know that I know the John that is sitting in jail.”

Nevertheless, she believes she’ll one day be reunited with her boys and had this message for the kids:

“Mommy loves you and mommy misses you. There are people looking for you and we will be back together soon.”

Meanwhile, Tanya continues to urge people that if they have information about her sons or see them to please contact authorities.

John Skelton is being held on a $30 million bond.


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