With massive change sweeping across Michigan, the state that put the world on wheels continues to reinvent itself.  What’s ahead for autos, businesses, educators and communities as the new governor and other leaders make efforts to grow jobs in alternative energy, movies, medical and other fields?

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CBS 62 CBS Detroit presents “Reinventing Michigan” as the latest installment of its “Eye On The Future” programming.  The Emmy- winning “Eye On The Future” team of Carol Cain and Paul Pytlowany travel the state to provide a front row seat as they talk to those making decisions and also those being impacted.

Among those appearing: Governor-Elect Rick Snyder, Teamster President James P. Hoffa,  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, actor Jeff Daniels, businessmen Dick DeVos and A. Alfred Taubman, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, Eastern Michigan University President Sue Martin, Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, and Macomb County Executive-Elect Mark Hackel. Click here to see behind the scenes photos of the guests.

“Reinventing is a mantra for everyone in the state,” said Trey Fabacher, Vice President and General Manager of CBS 62 (WWJ-TV) and CW50 (WKBD-TV). “With a new governor and other key leaders taking over and making historic decisions, the timing is perfect for our ‘Eye’ team of Carol Cain and Paul Pytlowany and the rest of the CBS 62 crew to give our viewers an exclusive front row seat to those changes and what they mean as no one else can.”

“Reinventing Michigan” is the fourth in the “Eye On The Future” series of CBS 62’s specials. Others include “Building Bridges: From The Great Lakes To The Great Wall,” “Powering Michigan’s Future,” and “Rx For Michigan.”

Comments (26)
  1. Tony DiSalvo says:

    Give the INDUSTRIAL COs. a very large tax break. The State probably get it back in taxes from the employees.

  2. sara jones says:

    great special and uplifting news about state for a change..!!

  3. Jim says:

    Another show worth wactching. Like we all should be watching the new Gov to make sure he follows through on truly “reinventing” this state. He was left a mess– hopefully for all of us— he can clean it up!

  4. Tim Weston says:

    I saw this show on about a week ago around 6:30– I think Monday or Tuesday—as was ch surfing. I was hooked. It gives a realistic ( both good and bad) of where Michigan has been and needs to go.
    I hope you keep up this great work.

  5. Jack Iwema says:

    The “Reinventing Michigan” piece by Carol Cain and her team is an EXCELLENT piece of broadcast journalism and correctly focuses on ‘where do we go from here?’ Hats off to Carol and her team for a fine production with a nice angle on the production side…very cool. Thank you CBS!

  6. Sean H Robertson says:

    Here’s my (Sean H. Robertson) story, totally put into a interview of myself done by Steve Clark of ABC-WXYZ Channel 7 4 months ago. http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/detroit-187-actor-is-proof-michigan-film-incentives-work

  7. Dennis Budziszewski says:

    As a 62 year old retired auto worker and VietNam veteran who’s worked in over 25 movies, television and commercials as an ‘extra’ the past three years thanks to the Michigan Film Incentive, I’m really not sure which part of Governor Snyder’s proposed budget I’m more livid with; the tax on my fixed pension, or the elimination of the film tax incentive. Both are equally ludicrous and cruel!

  8. Amie Gene Jackson says:

    The Michigan Film Tax Credit affects me in many ways. I am a recent graduate who studied Communications and Theatre Arts at Eastern Michigan University. Intially, it had been difficult to find quality or almost any work at all in the industry, but after Michigan received it’s big film hit with the films, I was getting work back to back. Along with doing what I loved, I was meeting Michigan residents who shared those same sentiments, many of whom were previously out of work and found solace in being on set around decent and friendly people. The Michigan Film Tax Credit should be allowed time to blossom and help Michigan’s tumbling economy. It is often the element we don’t expect that helps us shifts gears and get on the right track. I believe this Tax Credit to be that element, if trusted.


    Amie Gene

  9. Sarah Johnson says:

    Hello Mrs. Cain I am writing you today to inform you of how this movie industry has changed my life. I am starting school in the fall for liberal arts with a minor in fine arts and the reason for that is because of the industry I never felt the need to go to school and pursue sewing and acting cause i saw it going no where. Being on movie sets have also provided a supplemental income because I am a stay at home mom and you can only work whenever we have spare time and once again the movie industry did that for me. My husband and I are a young couple just married and just bought a home and I don’t want to leave it all but me getting to live this dream is what kept us here. My husband is in college for criminal justice and he has far more opportunity in arizona and texas then here. Mrs. Cain in summary I am only here because my husband loves me enough to sacrifice for me to experience this chance of a lifetime so if this incentive leaves we will have to do whats right for our family.

  10. Jessica Rogers says:

    I’m in college right now at MSU. I had always planned on moving out to LA for more acting opportunities but with all the filming being done in Michigan these past couple years there couldn’t be a better place for me to live. I’ve worked on so many projects and gained a priceless amount of experience. For me, being able to act is more than just a hobby – it’s putting me through college and keeping me out of trouble (I would much rather be on set than partying with my friends). I’ve learned so much and have made incredible contacts and friends through being involved with film in Michigan – I just hope that we can all continue to do what we love and what we’re good at here instead of being forced to choose between film and Michigan.

  11. Jeff Carlson says:

    Mrs Cain, I’m a video editor. I’ve been lucky to have had the job for several years now, even before the film tax incentives went into effect. For the last several years I’ve been excited to see more and more work coming in due to the incentive program, and I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the studios to set up shop and open their doors, as it is there where I’m going to find more work related to my training. I fear now if the tax incentives go away, then my chances of finding additional career opportunities within the state are going to dry up. I’m a life long Michigander as well as my wife. Both our families are here, and we do not want to leave. But if the work disappears, then we both may be forced to do the unthinkable and move away from our home. I pray that our elected officials decide to vote against this portion of Gov Snyder’s budget proposal. Michigan’s future and my future rests upon it.

  12. Marianne Widmalm says:

    The taxincentives for the filmindustry needs to STAY. I have gone through a really hard time in the last 2 years and the ONLY industry that have hired me, is the film industry giving me work as an extra. Not only is it giving thousands of people work, it is lifting Detroit and Michigan up mentally and spiritually. It is INSANE of Rick Snyder to try and kill something that WORKS. I am livid…

  13. RALPH RECCHIA says:

    This is what I have to say about Snyder, I am a father of 4, trying to pay child support while unemployed, I hate being on unemployment but it keeps me afloat, with the movie industry here, I was able to pay my support, get off of unemployment and pay my bills. THE REASON BEING, BECAUSE THE MOVIE INDUSTRY WAS GIVING ME A JOB. He says he wants Michigan to be proud and working. How can we when the jobs have been taken away.

  14. Ron Baratono says:

    After spending 30 years in the auto company I have paid my share of Michigan taxes. During a long lay off period I followed my passion of acting/stage and directed and produced a Wayne Cable TV show. This lasted 3 years. I was called back to work.. Being a father of 2 children I returned to the plant. The kids got to eat! I did my 30 years and since the film industry was here I got involved. Now my boys are both in college. I use the money I make through acting part to help my boys with the things a college student needs, soap, books, shampoo etc. My boys have taken goverment loans for school but there”s more that they need. I’m on a fixed income but finally doing what I love. I have met so many retired men and woman on set doing the same thing. Gov Snyder you can tax my pension I will help out, but your not gonna take away my dream or the dream of so many young adults that fill our universities.

  15. Kara Joy Reed says:

    Dear Governor Snyder,

    You are effectively chasing thousands of people out of the state you claim to love. You preach creating more jobs, but crippling our burgeoning film industry is actually sending tens of thousands of jobs elsewhere.
    For example, last summer I was employed for three glorious weeks on Real Steel, where I was paid and fed, along with roughly TWO THOUSAND other actors, set builders, techies and crew members, not to mention the caterers, security, hair and makeup artists and cleaning crews. Many of us did not and do not have steady day jobs.
    Furthermore, that was only ONE scene in ONE movie. Just imagine all the jobs and revenue that all of the planned movies could bring into Michigan during this time of need. The film industry IS creating more jobs, by the thousands. They may not be the white collar, office cubicle jobs our “nerd governor” had envisioned, but to many of us, they are our livelihood.

    Thank you.

    Kara Joy Reed

  16. christopher J Bratton says:

    i have been searching and finding ways to become part of something in Michigan. to take everything that anyone has worked for in the film department, just shoots everyone dreams down, i have become something that i would have never thought i would become, so this guys just going to shoot my dreams down and everyone else, this tax incentive helped me find my true calling. this is my words keep Michigan going bring more movies.

  17. Thanh Hoang says:

    I have been born and raised here in the great state of Michigan. I graduated from Easten High school in Lansing, and then went on to get my BA from Michigan State University. Out of college, i was lost, no job prospects, no direction, i decided i needed a change and decided i’m going to pursue my dream of working on a movie crew. So i packed my things and moved to LA. within a short few months i moved back. the people there weren’t the same there as here in the mid west. Plus, if you dont know anyone in the idustry, how can you get work out there? Then like a blessing and a sign from the heavens, these incentives were passed. i got on as an Extra in the movie RED DAWN. From there i made my contacts and someone threw me a bone and got me on as a PA on the Movie VANISHING ON 7TH ST. That was the end of 2009 and since then i’ve gone on to work on seven more movie sets. All of my income in 2010 came from working on movie sets. It was my dream job and i felt so blessed to be able to pursue it so close to home with the great people here in the mid west. And Governer Snyder single handedly killed my dream. At the beginning of 2011, i felt that it would be a better year, so many movie prospects coming to michigan and i had contact information to work on many of them. Now that contact information is useless because the films have pulled out of Michigan. What is a person like me supposet to do now? Governer Snyder, what do you have planned for us?

  18. Eric Swenson says:

    First, we were encouraged to think outside the Big 3 and pursue ‘alternative’ industries. Many redefined and retrained themselves for the film industry, myself included. Then, the plug was pulled on that. Where, exactly, are people supposed to work? This scenario makes Michigan look terrible. WE went to them and ASKED THEM to film in Michigan in exchange for a great tax credit. They bit and brought MAJOR productions to the state which created thousands of jobs. THEN, we told them that the deal was off! In less than one year, I have worked on several movies, TV and made-for-TV movies. I worked as an extra, stand-in and even got some speaking parts. I have networked and built valuable career relationships. This incentive KEPT ME IN MICHIGAN and from MOVING BACK TO CALIFORNIA!

  19. Eric Swenson says:

    I can see where baking cookies could be a cottage industry, however, when employing THOUSANDS, the film industry is more practical. Once again, they told us to think outside the auto industry box. How more creative can you be than the film industry? I love Michigan, truly, and have been trying to justify staying here. 2010 was a great year for movies/TV in this state and it was believed that 2011 would be even greater. The state has a $48-billion budget, yet the ONLY INDUSTRY offering HOPE and desire to live here is on the chopping block?

  20. Mark Nocera says:

    , Snyder is not only trying to kill the film business here, but destroying the dreams of many young people that have worked in film since the incentive started, I am sure many young people will leave Michigan to follow their dream,I have lived in Michigan all my life and, I am retired the only money I have coming in is SS I have been in many movies in the last couple of years, while it is not making me rich, it is a great source of extra money for me, so I might be packing my bags right along with them. if Snyder gets his way, maybe the next pr campaign motto should be “MICHIGAN A GREAT PLACE TO LEAVE”.

  21. Stuntman Ben Rodriguez says:

    Well I thought that rick snider was about creating jobs…not! by caping the tax incentive he is killing the film industry and thousand of people will be missing out on employment oppertunity’s…..also he will be killing allot of peoples dreams of working with hollywood here in michigan……rick should at least consult with the people before doing someting like this…..there should be a vote….I guarrentee that the film incentive has touched almost everyone in michigan……Several people saw this comming though and new he would pull the plug on us……

  22. Terrence Tcreal Ward says:

    HI, my name is Terrence C. Ward aka T.C.Real, rap artist/actor in Detroit….I’m a living testimony of how the Film industry tax credit has helped me, prior to all the Movies coming to Michigan, I was a struggling rap artist here in the city doing gigs for free…I got my 1st movie break in the Eminem movie 8 Mile, since the tax credit I’m happy to say that I now have 10 Major movies under my belt now, as well as a recurring role as a Detective on Season 1 of Detroit 187. These we’re all paying gigs, so for Rick Snyder to try and stop this is going to call for people to move out of Michigan to fulfill their Dreams!!! RICK SNYDER is a Dream killer ;(

  23. Carolina Andrakovich says:

    As a professional makeup artist, I was thrilled to hear that Michigan was finally embarking on the film industry. I turned down the opportunity to go to California mainly because my family, friends and business were here…in Michigan, and I love it here. I was raised here and want to continue to stay. The people are genuine and are known to be the kindest in the Midwest. Not to mention that there’s a tremendous amount of talent in Michigan.

    Just when business was developing and we’re reaching the top of the hill they want to pull the plug. Many have spent years re-training, (Through the No Worker Left Behind Program). What’s the sense of spending so much money in re-structurizing the work force, only to tell them, Gee….we’ve changed our mind. What a waste of tax payer dollars.

    There’s room for this industry and the potential is enormous. It’s helped many people I know that are independant business owners. Restaurants have catered for the films bringing in more money to keep their staff and doors open. Hotels, taxi drivers, stores, etc. etc. the list is long. Don’t they realize that having films made here fills the tax coffers. It gives people a means to support themselves when their unemployment insurance no longer does. We already know what happened with the automotive companies, dealerships and the other businessess that provided services for the manufacturing of an automobile. A disaster!

    But, maybe Mr. Snyder has a better idea. Let’s hear it…let him tell us how he plans on reviving this state. Because if he loves this state and wants it to be optimum place to thrive….he must listen carefully to the voice of all of those that have sacrificed and forged forward, those coming into the state and those that remained with a dream for a better tomorrow. We haven’t given up. See you all in Lansing!

  24. Will Clarke says:

    My name is Will Clarke, I am a film school graduate of 2010, I’ve also been in several films that were made here in Michigan all paid jobs Red Dawn, S.W.A.T. Firefight, Real Steel, Televison Series Detroit 1-8-7 just to name some. So it would be a terrible mistake to take away the incentives in Michigan and take away the work for those of us who are har workers and have a passion for what we do. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.g4tv.com%2Fvideos%2F51592%2FSWAT-Firefight-Set-Visit-with-Weston-Scott%2F&h=d11afiD2Qcp3UM_7iovuI7MA9wg

  25. Lillian Carlson says:

    If the governor wants to reinvent Michigan ,start with the people who have benn on aid and assisstance for as long as fifteen years and more. they eat lobster crab legs and live with there significant other in government housing or the other gets the rent check on there home and they take vaccations and drive fancy cars and trucks, and who pays for it YOU and ME. think it doesnt happen, get in line at Meijers in Jackson Mich the first of the month. Im all for helping those who really need it, not Lazy ones who eat off you and me for ever. Also check the party stores who sell everything on the bridge cards as FOOD. they dont PAY TAXES, MINE JUST WENT UP FOR NOTHING. We have NO Fire DEP NO POLICE, NOSCHOOL. Jackson Just closed East Jackson Middel School Because of no kids is what they are telling us, Yet they keep it heated and cleaned for a few for sports. Doesnt that make you feel good about your school tax

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