Grooveshark, the world’s most comprehensive on-demand music service, and Livio Radio, developers of Internet radio devices and accessories, have joined forces.
The exclusive, multi-year partnership, announced Friday at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, forges Livio Radio’s expertise in developing breakthrough, user-friendly consumer electronics products and accessories with the global availability offered by Grooveshark’s catalog of seven million songs.
Livio Radio founder and CEO Jake Sigal said the deal would continue his company’s philosophy of offering consumers more music with less work.
“The entire Grooveshark team is clearly as passionate about music as we are,” Sigal said.  “Our goal is to get Grooveshark into the car and your home with minimal effort.”
Grooveshark, based in Gainesville, Fla., was founded in 2006 by Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg —  two guys looking to make a service offering the world on-demand music, accessible on as many devices as possible.
“Livio has done a tremendous job working with digital radio partners like Pandora and NPR, and we look forward to pushing new product frontiers with Grooveshark and Livio’s new devices and car solutions,” said Tarantino, Grooveshark’s CEO.
Sigal said the new partnership between Livio and Grooveshark will move both brands closer to accomplishing their collective mission of making free Internet audio more accessible – both in the home and on the go – across a spectrum of potential users.
Founded in 2008, Ferndale-based Livio Radio has already developed a list of successful Internet radio products through ongoing relationships with Pandora and NPR. The company remains committed to providing sleek and sophisticated radios and accessories for users who want quality without gimmicks, hassles, and unnecessary bells and whistles. More information is available at
Since 2006, Grooveshark has grown into a globally available on demand music streaming service with more than 20 million monthly unique visitors and a library of over 7 million songs.


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