One Metro Detroit Springer Spaniel rescue is walking with a limp. But, thanks to animal stem cell surgery, “Reuben” will soon be walking with little or no pain. 

Reuben’s surgery Wednesday will be the first of its kind in Michigan — and his owner Pam Baumann tells WWJ her 8-year-old pet was selected because he suffers from a wide array of problems including osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.

“What had happened over the last couple of years is that he started to limp after long walks and had trouble getting up from lying down, until finally we were exploring options — one of the options being medication. And, rather than do that, this was offered as an option, and so we were really excited,” Baumann said.

This technology is pioneered by MediVet-America, based in Kentucky. Veterinarians across the U.S. have signed up and are seeing results. Vets say that, within weeks of the procedure, animals that had been unable to climb stairs or jump up are walking, running and playing.

Reuben’s surgery, at the Royal Oak Woodside Animal Clinic, will use fat from his body for the stem cells.  Those stem cells will then be injected into his hips to repair the injuries.

Baumann says the procedure will cost around $2,000.

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