Michigan’s new coach has a serious passion for the school; we learned that right away from his news conference today as Brady Hoke met with the media in Ann Arbor. Hoke refused to call Ohio State by name and referring to them as “that school in Ohio”. Hoke added that he is going to establish a foundation of toughness at U of M and kept reiterating that Michigan is about the program as a whole. Take a listen entire news conference below.

David Brandon says he offered Hoke the job and he accepted it right away even without a salary offer, that is how badly he wanted this Job. Brandon even taking a shot at Jim Harbaugh by saying Brady is about the team, not himself unlike other coaches. Brandon says its complete bologna that anyone would think Mary Sue Coleman nixed any other candidates. Hoke gets a six year contract from Michigan.

As far as Tate Forcier is concerned Brandon said today that he is not with the program at this time.

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  1. Ron Oriet says:

    After hearing that press conference, I thought that they got rid of the HIllbilly coach?

  2. scott b says:

    spoken like a true spartan. your coach has an iron-clad “zero-tolerance” policy. he will not tolerate any player leaving jail being late for the game.

  3. adam says:

    Look out Spartans, and Buckeyes, there’s a new coach at U-M and he will defeat your teams in a couple years

  4. TONE says:

    Brady Hoke appears to be on the surface a cross between Lloyd and Bo. He’s the happy medium. His energy and enthusiasm will energize this other wise sleeping giant rite now. He will give us a good balance and bring us back to respectability. Under his guidence I believe we will win 9 to 11 games a yr.. GO BLUE……

  5. Chris in Monroe says:

    I wanted this guy before Rich Rod came here. I starting paying attention to him after 2006 and the Ball State Cardinals came in here and played us tough until the 4th qtr. I’ve done my research and knew who he was. I am so happy to have him here, he knows DEFENSE and understands what Michigan is about. He will get these young men ready for the world outside of football. He understand that very few of these young men will make it to the NFL but will go on to lead their respective communities. His job isnt to get them into the pro’s but get them ready to lead and ready for the real world. That is Michigan football.

  6. That MIke Shake Kid says:

    Matt Dery is terrible. Awful blog.

  7. mattaabb says:

    You know, maybe, just maybe U of M can get back to where they need to be. Who know. I didn’t go there… But I have to admit that it’s a little more fun when someone in this state can whoop up on “that university in Ohio”. Classic.

  8. mattaabb says:

    Oh well, time to get on the bandwagon

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