Some local students learn the art of giving.

Erin Johnson, a health and life skills teacher at Boulan Park Middle School in Troy, encouraged 75 of her students to raise $800 for two Metro Detroit charities.  One of those organizations is “Mittens for Detroit,” founded by Detroit-187  actress Erin Cummings.

Speaking live on WWJ, Cummings says she got the idea for “Mittens for Detroit” while handing out candy with her cousin one Halloween night in Southfield when a young girl came to the door cold and missing one of her gloves. 
WWJ Newsradio’s Greg Bowman talks with Erin Cummings.

Cummings cousin gave the girl an extra pair of gloves. 

“I noticed in that very simple act of kindness that, especially in today’s economy when maybe not everyone can afford to be as generous as they’d like to be, sometimes making someone feel warm and safe and actually cared for is as simple as just giving someone a pair of gloves,” Cummings told WWJ’s Greg Bowman. 

Cummings worked with Jason Brown from PublicCity PR to gather gloves and mittens and give them to people who need them. 

Johnson challenged her students after watching a video of Cummings talking about her mission. 

“Giving and receiving kindness is definitely one of the greatest life experiences and life gifts someone can experience,” Johnson said.  

The classes presented Cummings with approximately 400 pair of mittens and gloves Thursday morning.  They were able to purchase about 200 and the other 200 were matched by Broner Gloves & Hats in Auburn Hills.

As for the future of the television show Detroit 187, Cummings said she’ll find out in May if the show will continue for another year.


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