Tensions are on the rise in one Detroit neighborhood, as another woman becomes the target of a rapist.

Detroit 300, the group  behind the capture of six rapists over the last year, says they will patrol the northeast vicinity until the alleged rapist is off the streets.

 WWJ’s Stephanie Davis reports the neighborhood is fighting back as she spoke with co-founder of the group minister Malik Shabaz.

”We want to work with law enforcement, with government and the community to catch him, so far we have been 100% successful. We are calling on all men, women and children, but particular  men, to stand up and get organized, mobilized and galvanized to catch this serial rapist.”

Shabaz says they are not vigilantes just law-abiding citizens, but adds: “If we catch them we will make a citizen’s arrest. If we see you committing a crime, we are going to do something, if we see you dragging a woman into a building or into an alley, we can’t wait for the police, we may have to tackle you, hit you in the head with a brick.”

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