A new proposal  has been offered in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra strike.

Friday, the DSO submitted, to Federal Mediator Mike Nowakowski, a sealed, non-conditional, three-year offer which closes the financial gap and embraces the community and educational activities that are now even more important for the Orchestra to revive and thrive.

DSO President Anne Parsons says they came up with the proposal at the request of the federal mediator. “Part of the process is we will be silent except to say we are being positive by putting the offer in, and we hope the union will do the same, we are under quite a time pressure, week to week we are losing concerts and we would like that to stop.”

“We are hoping the orchestra will respond and we’ll get back to the table and we’ll get back to making great music in the city of Detroit.” Parsons added.

The offer is sealed, but the DSO says the proposal closes the financial gap between the two sides and embraces community and educational activities. 

If the musicians submit an offer the mediator could schedule a bargaining session. 

The musicians went on strike in early October. They have been holding concerts at various locations.

Their next concert is Saturday night at 8:30 at St. Patrick Catholic Church next to Orchestra Hall, in Detroit.


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