Congratulations Brady Hoke. Good hire Dave Brandon. But, please, don’t try to sell us on this seamless Michigan coaching search. Hoke was not Plan A all along.

We now know that Hoke, Michigan’s new coach, was the fourth — maybe fifth — choice to replace Rich Rodriguez. Just like Rich Rod himself was about the third choice to replace Lloyd Carr. (Wow, I’m beginning to think the Michigan isn’t that good a job. That’s another argument for another time.)

The truth is that Hoke — hired last week — wasn’t anywhere near the first choice. You probably know that but now there is tangible proof. Hoke was the Back-Up Plan — Plan C, D or E. You know how I know? I know who was contacted. You know some of them — Jim Harbaugh etc. I know who didn’t show interest. I know who said no. I know that I’m calling B.S. on Brandon after reading this story.

According to it, Michigan offered $4.25 million per year to Les Miles, more than his LSU salary. Miles reportedly said no. Then, Michigan came back and offered more. Miles said no again. Meanwhile, Brandon, the Michigan AD, still won’t admit an offer was made. Who is he trying to kid? Was that meeting with Miles an exchange of phone numbers?

Brandon: “Nice Tiger, Les. Listen, don’t want to bother you, Les, but let’s keep in touch. Here’s my business card”

Les: “His name is Mike and, yes, let’s keep in touch.”

Brandon shot for the moon and ended up with an Aztec. That’s OK. If Hoke was the first choice, Brandon would have announced him the day after Rich Rod was fired. That’s what you do with the Plan A guy who said he would crawl to Michigan. In reality, Hoke was the girl with braces in Chem 1 who says yes to the prom after the head cheerleader says no. Not a knockout but at least a date.

There was no embarrassment factor in admitting a big offer to Miles. Brandon lost Harbaugh and Miles for legitimate reasons. There was no disgrace. In fact, it almost sounds better if Miles got two big offers. At least Wolverines everywhere know that their AD gave it the good old college try.

I know that, in the end, it was simply a bad time to hire at coach at Michigan. Hoke may win multiple national championships at Michigan. I hope he does. He’s a good guy. But he wasn’t Michigan’s first choice. Not by a long shot.

Comments (5)
  1. Matt says:

    Les Miles is real D B basical used Michigan to get more money from LSU. Awesome Miles way to show true colors.

  2. Fred Winzer says:

    If you know all these other candidates, then tell us who the others were besides Harbaugh and Miles. Not good to tease the readers or the fans of your show!!

  3. John Bray says:

    Who even wrote this dribble…

    1. Tokki says:

      JB- the word is “drivel” not “dribble”

  4. Larry Parker says:

    So what your telling me is someone said no to Michigan. Should I care? Les Miles wants to fill his pockets and Michigan Job openings have done nothing but that. And Brandon made it clear that Harbaugh was headed to the NFL. And didn’t one of the elite teams you refer to called the Alabama Crimson Tide get turned down by Rich Rod? This story and any like it are pretty irrelevent at this point. Michigan has a coach and you cant have it both ways any way either they didn’t do a thorough job interviewing canadites or they did what is it? And as far as them getting a no to any offer they made is this really a big deal? Have a Blessed day.

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