The attorney for murdered stripper Tamara Greene is asking a Federal Judge to issue a default judgment against the city of Detroit. Norman Yatooma says the city continues to withhold information for his lawsuit against the city.

WWJ and Fox 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton says the city was supposed to turn over a log of police runs in the precinct near the Manoogian Mansion around the time of a rumored party. Langton goes on to say the city doesn’t look good in defying the judge’s orders.

“This just doesn’t look good for the city of Detroit, bottom line, everything should be disclosed, at all times, get it out in the open,and either have a trail or let the judge rule as to the next move. But no delays, this case has dragged on long enough, everybody wants to see this Tamara Green case come to some kind of a conclusion.” Langton said.

But Langton says it’s unlikely attorney Norm Yatooma will get the judge to award him a win in his civil suit over the city’s failure to turn over the evidence.

Greene is said to have danced at a rumored party at the Manoogian Mansion during the Kilpatrick administration and was killed months later in a drive-by shooting.


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