A big march and rally downtown Monday afternoon in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Central United Methodist Church, where King spoke just two weeks before his death.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke with attorney Vanessa Fluker, and asked what King’s legacy means to her, “What he (MLK) means to me is …you have to fight for justice, you have to fight for peace and fairness for all people. As an attorney I fight everyday for people in foreclosure, his fight and struggle means more to me, because I know the difficulty of fighting for those that have less power, less money.” Fluker said.

Meanwhile thousands of metro Detroiters are remembering the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at various events Monday.

A few hundred people got to know each other a little better at a pancake breakfast at St. Robert Bellarmine church in Redford, Monday morning.

Father Richard Lilliart says it takes hard work to keep Dr. King’s dream alive.

“The important thing is to bring the community together, not only to honor the dream that he proposed in 1963, but rather to keep putting it into practice.”

Father Lilliart says a dream is always a work in progress.

Click on here for more Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events.


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