Things more believable than Brett Favre retiring…
10. Lindsay lohan being drug/alcohol free is more believeable chris in troy
9. More believable than Favre retiring, Syndi Crosby is well-respected by Red Wings fans. Dave at work
8. More believable than favre retiring… Gator riding a unicorn to work. Steve
7. Things more believable: that Bret Michaels has a full head of hair underneath that bandana. BP
6. Things more believable: that it was just a coincidence that Pete Carroll left USC right before all the sanctions.
Fabreetz at home
5. Things more believable than favre retiring…that lidstrom purposely removed the “n” from his name tom mess with our minds…carry in westland
4. Dexter Manley reading War and Peace is more believable – Mike
3. Shawn Kemp, travis henry or antonio cramartie Not being The Father is More believable than Brett Favre Retiring – Pat Farmington
2. More believable……Mark Mangino is just big-boned……….more believable but not. Bill new hudson
1. Walter Sharpe staying awake during a team meeting is not believable – but more believable than Farve retiring.


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