LANSING (WWJ) – Former Governor Jennifer Granholm is heading to the West Coast for a new job.

Granholm and former First Gentleman Dan Mulhern are heading to the University of California-Berkeley – Granholm’s alma mater – to teach a joint course in the fall, and then they’ll teach separate courses in the spring.mulhern dan Granholm Starting New Job – On The West Coast

Granholm is also going to be a paid consultant for NBC’s “Meet the Press,” she’s booked herself and her husband with a national booking tour company – which plans to get them numerous speaking engagements – and, she is also working with a realtor to find a permanent home in Michigan on the water, near Detroit or Grand Rapids, so that she’s close to an airport.

Granholm and Mulhern are also planning to write a book together. It’s due out in September.

Comments (4)
  1. A Michigan Resident says:


    Here’s another example of outsiders coming into Michigan, running a business and then leaving after collecting the paycheck.

    Michigan needs to be administered, organized, managed by people dedicated to a Michigan future they will be a part of. Michigan’s growth depends on Michigan residents dedicated to improving the state and contributing to the it’s development throughout their lives. The current economic crisis can be solved by native Michiganders taking control.

  2. tony says:

    Good For her and her husband….wait til Rick Snyder gets done…..People will be begging to have someone like her back!

  3. Jim says:

    Well, I guess she was “blown away”. Hey Tony, go with her!

  4. Don says:

    I wish shw would have looked into working in California 8 years ago.

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