1. Not to bash Sidney Crosby just for the helluva it, but why can’t he got to All-Star Weekend and just be involved in the off-ice stuff. I understand not participating on the ice due to his concussions, but if he is the poster boy for the league he should be there. I am not an expert but I don’t think his injury would get worse if he signed autographs and did media stuff.

2. It is reasonable that Michigan’s late recruiting rush under Brady Hoke is getting lots of publicity, but I just can’t figure out why MSU’s class is not getting its just desserts. On first blush it appears that Mark Dantonio is bringing in quality guys from all over and not just the Midwest.

3. Is liking Don King one of life’s guilty pleasures we had the pleasure of interviewing him Tuesday, and I know he is a convicted ex-felon there is something about him that makes me smile. Maybe it means I am shallow, if so, so be it.

4. We got dropped off a huge container of Red Vines licorice last week. I will argue this until the day I die; Red Vines puts Twizzlers to shame. The sweetness and freshness of Red Vines never disappoints.

5. Watching David Harris and Lamar Woodley perform in the AFC title game Sunday only makes me wonder what the hell Matt Millen and Rod Marinelli were thinking during the second round of the 2007 draft. They could have drafted either one in the slot they picked Drew Stanton and probably could have still gotten Stanton where they took Ikeka Alama-Franics

6. is it just me or is the departure of Armando Galarraga a good thing. I admire the class he showed during the imperfect game, but let’s face it, the majority of the time he was throwing batting practice.


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