We’re now in the final hour of WWJ’s 8th Annual Winter Survival Radiothon benefiting THAW.  WWJ Newsradio 950 has been broadcasting LIVE for 31 hours straight, from the Detroit Science Center, to help local families stay warm this winter.   Time’s up at Noon on Saturday.

We’ve already raised more than $301,500 far — but we need your help!

CALL NOW TO DONATE! 1-888-579-4950

It’s a double-match hour! Make your donation count, and then some! Call now and DTE will add TWICE what you pledge.

A rewarding to help: Check out hot items  up for bid in our online auction, with proceeds going to THAW. CLICK HERE.

– Check out Videos from the event –

Some people might not think twice about turning up their thermostat a few degrees. Unfortunately, there are thousands of families in southeastern Michigan who cannot even afford to heat their homes or keep the lights on. Some have even faced the situation of choosing between warmth or providing food and medication for their families. To help provide assistance to families facing such a crisis, WWJ and The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) are partnering for this 8th annual fundraising event.

Have a few dollars to spare for a neighbor in need? CLICK HERE to make a secure online donation now, or call  1-888-579-4950.

THAW assists families in need by preventing utility shut-off, providing fuel or restoring services. 91% of every dollar that THAW spends goes directly to help those in need and THAW’s utility partners match every dollar that THAW raises, so that $1 becomes $2 in energy assistance.

Charlie LeDuff, Fox 2 TV Reporter talked about about why he gives, “It’s important to say that 90 cents of every dollar goes to the people. This isn’t some bureaucracy that is pocketing the money.”

WWJ spoke with CEO Susan Sherer about  THAW’s mission.

“What we’re trying to build at THAW is this tight ecosystem where a low-income customer can be empowered; where they can be a part of the process of the solution; where we can wrap energy solutions around that, so we can reduce their bill by reducing their consumption, where we can get them on a plan that they can afford,” Sherer said.

Sherer said about 10,000 households received assistance last year.

Hear more of our interview with Susan Sherer:

Speaking with WWJ at the Radiothon, Father John Huber, principal of Detroit Catholic Central High School, said students reached into their own pockets to help.

“It comes from our students, who basically just donate out of their own lunch money, their pocket change,” Huber said. “As a Catholic and Christian school it’s part of who we are to make sure that we are our brother’s keeper, and we care about those who go without the bare necessities of life,” he said.

Comments (3)
  1. gayle verga says:

    I will never donate to thaw,,the reason is because dte shut my neighbors electricty off because they couldnt pay there bill due to being laid off. they had a 12 month old and a three year old, they where very heartless and mean when they did it,the family had to borrow money to stay in a motel and the kids ended up getting sick,,DTE was very rude and mean on the phone

    1. Diana Ruzzin says:

      How DTE treated your neighbor has nothing to do with THAW. If your neighbor had contacted the folks that handle THAW payments then THAW would have helped them out and they would not have had to go to a motel because their electric was shut off. THAW helps people so that doesn’t happen. I speak from experience because I recently had to ask for help to keep my gas and electric from being shut off because I was laid off in 2009 and still looking for work. My husband is disabled and unable to work so I am the only support for the home. Your neighbor should have called to get help from THAW. It’s not THAW’s fault. DTE and THAW are two different organizations. Your neighbor could have also called Salvation Army to get assistance too.

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