How could we tell the players were’nt taking the Pro Bowl seriously?
10. How do you know players are not serious? Ray lewis was seen riding backwards on a horse with the old spice dude…
9. How to know players aren’t taking the Pro Bowl seriously….The best running and tackling of the game was when that crazy Hawaiian dude ran on the field. -Norm
8. How do you know players are not serious? Palamalou was seen shooting a head n shoulders commercial on the side lines. TEE
7. How do you know the players werent taking the Pro Bowl seriously, no RB dropped down and dry humped their QB at the end of the game. J in Canton
6. INstead of a “two minute warning” there was a “two minute finally!” KJ
5. Darrelle Revis was spotted drinking pina coladas on his “island” Scott in Southgate
4. How do i know they NFL isnt taking the pro bowl seriously? they let Patrick Kane do the opening coin toss. garet
3. Bagel beats donut across field and they count it as a touchdown!Jay
2. They had geese do the fly by.From:Brian
1. How to tell the NFL players not taking pro bowl seriously? Mike Martz called running plays


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