DETROIT (WWJ) The Michigan state departments held a teleconference  with the National Weather service to talk about plans to deal with the major storm coming our way.

State Police spokeswoman Nicole Lisabeth says if you find yourself stranded on the highway, do not walk for help.

“Staying in your car is absolutely a good idea, especially since we are hearing that the temperature might be down into the teens, especially with a low wind chill, so the vehicle does provide you with protection from the outside weather,” Lisabeth says.

The State Police are advising to take all precautions to get ready for the major storm that will hit the area. Precautions include things like having a tank full of gas in your vehicle, food, water, and blankets.

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If you find yourself stuck on the highway, never leave your car, use your cell phone to call for help.

“The state of Michigan does have what we call the Michigan Emergency Management Plan, it’s an all-hazard plan, meaning that we are ready for any type of emergency, whether it’s severe weather, oil spill, or possible terrorist attack.”

Lisabeth says if conditions warrant, it would be the local state police posts that would advise motorists to stay home.


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