ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Are some children genetically tuned to be overweight, or is lifestyle to blame for childhood obesity?

Check-ups of 1,003 Michigan 6th graders showed obese children tend to have the same habits, such as eating school lunch and spending two hours or more watching TV or video games.

The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center published the study as the country looks for new ways, including new legislation to improve school meals, to trim children’s waistlines.

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  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    National Institutes of Health researher, MIT’s Dr. Carson has developed a first order ordinary differential equation with body mass as the dependent variable. He has shown the time rate change and overall body mass value is a function of the calories of food eaten and calories of work expended. Your body mass is now in formula format.

    Conclusion: More Michigan people need to do more physical work for the amount of food they eat. If you can’t get into the jeans you’re wearing its not because of the genes you’re carrying.

    Michigan ! Pay attention here because nobody wanting to run a company or start a company in this state will want to hire obese employees and the healthcare problems they weight in with. And the other problem is you won’t live as long.

    Michigan, please reduce your diet and do more physical work.
    Get strong, move fast, live long

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