Mistrust Over Mubarak Statements

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WWJ Photo: Stephanie Davis

WWJ Photo: Stephanie Davis

DETROIT (WWJ) – Egyptian Americans are paying close attention to events in their homeland.

Native Egyptian, Haney Othaman who lives in metro Detroit says with all these recent concessions it’s just hard to trust Mubarak and anything his administration does.

“The trust control relationship with Mubarak does not exist, someone who is in control for 30 years, why would I trust him…I think he is playing games with the people just to calm them down,”  Othaman added, “The freedom of religion, freedom of assembly,petition, press and speech, I mean it’s a government-run media. When the government says everything is great, they speak for themselves and themselves only.”

Egpytian-American Steve Wassef’s family moved to America over 40-years ago. And he says the Egyptians only want what we have here in the U.S.

Both Othaman and Wassef took part in local demonstrations this weekend supporting anti-Mubarak protesters.

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