DETROIT (WWJ) – These brave women and men already work in the city of Detroit — and now, Mayor Dave Bing wants police officers to live in the city as well.

Bing has been vocal about his desire to get police officers to move back into the city, and now he’s taking action by announcing a new incentive plan to get them to live where they work.

Currently, 53 percent of Detroit Police officers commute to work from the suburbs, and Bing says the number is even higher for firefighters.

As part of a pilot program called “Project 14” Detroit cops and firefighters who live in the suburbs will be offered renovated homes in the city for as little as $1,000.

Mayor Bing said this is one step in a plan to revitalize Detroit.

“Project 14 is one approach that my administration is deploying to take two challenges facing Detroit — public safety and vacant homes — and turn them into an opportunity for neighborhood revitalization,” Mayor Bing said.

“There are steps that we can and must take today to improve the quality of life for our citizens. That’s why I am announcing Project 14 — an initiative designed to encourage Detroit Police officers to live in the communities in which they serve,” Bing said.

The project is targeting homes in Detroit’s Boston-Edison and East English Village communities. Bing says funding for the project will come from neighborhood stabilization funding, HUD and partnerships with local banks and credit unions.  No tax dollars will be spent.

In 1999, the state legislature revoked a controversial rule that required Detroit police officers to live in the city.

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  1. Dane says:

    HUD is funded by tax dollars, idiot.

    1. dave says:

      you wouldn’t know that if you went to Detroit public schools

      1. Daniel Kepford says:

        No local tax dollars will be used. I find this project worthwhile.

      2. PaulThomas says:

        You wouldn’t know anything if you went to a Detroit public school, except welfare good.

    2. razedetroit says:

      Why bother trying to ‘revitalize Detroit’ ? The only solution is to raze the entire city, and then let developers reclaim the land at the pace that it will actually be used.

      The suburbs of Detroit are well-functioning, pleasant places to live. But Detroit itself is a decayed, crumbling, hollowed-out war zone. The resulting blight pushes sane people out, rather than inviting them in.

      No amount of tax dollars or subsidy can save Detroit from itself.

  2. SO THERE says:


    1. johnnyautomatic says:

      ” !”

  3. recovering_progressive says:

    The New Communism: Bankrupt a city through socialist policies, seize the abandoned property, use forcefully taken tax dollars to renovate abandoned property and then redistribute the wealth. Rinse and Repeat.

    1. Blake S. Davis says:

      And keep voting in those who are responsible for this mess – the Democrat party. What does it say about people when year after year they continue to vote in those who led to what happened in Detroit? It was Democrats guys – they fleeced you, ignored you, stole from you, then blamed it on racism. They took you from the first world to the third world – a few rich, most of them on the government payroll, and the rest of you poor. Your families can’t be put back together – Detroit is DEAD and the DEMOCRATS are to blame, as well as the fools who kept voting these arrogant crooks into office year by year. FOOLS!!

      1. recovering_progressive says:

        “What does it say about people when year after year they continue to vote in those who led to what happened in Detroit? ”

        It says that they are slaves.

      2. Rob says:

        “– they fleeced you, ignored you, stole from you, then blamed it on racism”
        Correction for you: they Fleced, ignored, and stole from you, then blamed it on YOU…
        Racism was just a subcategory of why you were to blame for their policies.

        You know what? they wer eright! It IS your fault, as long as you continue to vote for these looters!

      3. Darrell says:

        Blake you hit the nail on the head, i left Detroit years ago for Arizona, and it was the best move I ever made, Detroit is one vast slum

      4. shack95 says:

        I thought it is the US Chamber of Commerce that is pushing to move all of our manufacturing jobs overseas. From my recollection with the elections at the end of 2010 – they gave unknown amounts of $$ to the Republicans….

    2. A Guy in LA says:

      Um, and redistribute to UNION SUPPORTERS.

    3. SeenEnough says:

      I second that. Isn’t it a more humane way, though, to take private property than to openly confiscate it as the brutish commies did in Eastern Europe after WWII? Anyone refused were physically abused until “voluntarily” donated it to the “people”, or disappered overnight. Only the method is different.

  4. Armed Texan says:

    I’m going to open an ammo store there. I should make a killing!

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      If you don’t get killed making a killing Tex ;)

      Ammo will be as valuable as gold when this administration tries to back door our second amendment by making ammo so expensive no one can afford it except all the groids who steal it whenever possible the way things are going under Barack Hussein GhettObama

  5. B. Samuel Davis says:

    A WASTE of money! Want to get more people to live in Detroit? Make the people more civilized – get rid of crime and poverty by encouraging two parent families – start with some tough love by taking away money form those who give birth out of wedlock – bring back orphanages if you have to. The clean the place up, substantially lower taxes by throwing everyone off the payroll except for essential services. Since you will have two parent families you won’t need as many police of firemen. Do everything you can to get manufacturing in – offer complete tax relief if you have to – you can make it up on sales taxes from the purchases of the new workers.

    But, we all know that you will do none of the above, all that is going to be done is band aid stuff. Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when Democrats are completely in charge – look around you Detroit, you are a Democrat paradise, and the ultimate Democrat city. This is what happens when Democrats are given complete control – misery, misery misery. The media refuses to call it what it is = the product of voting for Democrats.

    And yet you don’t learn. Vote Democrat – join the third world.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      And hell, as if they need more “cops” in Detroit! The swill there are worse than the criminals! Must have imported them from Chicago or some other sewer like that.

      1. laars says:

        Great post, only the truth. Imagine an entire state run by Dems and compound the downward spiral, say,,, California?

    2. concerned citizen says:

      Look, I’m a Republican but let’s be honest, the state in which Detroit currently finds itself in is not directly related to full Democratic control of both Congress and the White House. Detroit is a perfect example of the state our economy is in. No manufacturing, minimal reinvestment in American businesses, both local and national and an exodus of young Americans seeking jobs in the service sector (outside Detroit).

      The manufacturing base of the country did not expand during the Bush Administration. From all reports, approximately 8 million jobs were sent overseas during the past 10 years. The Democrats have surely done their part to keep entrepreneur’s from taking risks but to say that the complete control from 2008 through 2010 caused this problem is not exactly correct.

      I do agree that the breakdown of society’s social fabric does stem from many Democratic policies.

      1. 06mike says:

        Sorry. You lost all credibility when you started with “..I’m a Republican…”. Sure you are!

      2. thinkagain says:

        Concerned citizen, if what you say is true, then why isn’t all of the country in as bad shape as democrat dominated ones like Detriot? Can you name a republican dominated city or state that is ilke a war zone that everybody is afraid to live in? The only ones I can think of are solid democrat voting areas.

      3. Kevin says:

        Of course, Its ALL Bush’s fault.

        Clinton signed NAFTA and the manufacturing sector didn’t expand during Clinton’s administration either.

        The destruction of the black (and to some extent the white family)- Lib/Dem policies.

        The destruction of the public educational system- Lib/Dem policies and the unions

        But its really Bush’s fault.

        Yea, you’re a republican.

      4. SteveAZ says:

        I don’t beleive this is saying this happened over the last 2 years. Local government has been the cause over many decades and that has been the democrats during those decades. Local elections matter here a lot more.

      5. Flashman says:

        The decline of Detroit did not begin in the last two years. This is a generational process, and yes it was caused (CAUSED) by Democrats. Democrats, in the main, house the liberals and socialists in their party. These economic and social philosophies violate human nature – they depress the human condition (wealth, happiness, pride, virtue, etc.).

        I agree that the decline continued while Republicans held the House (In 1994), and the White House, but it is LOCAL and STATE policies that are the real problem and these are the constant over the past 40 years.

        Yes, jobs have gone overseas. Yes, manufacturing has declined, BUT the killer was liberal government policies and an unchecked union presence. Why is it that South Carolina is home to BMW and other manufacturing facilities and doing very well? Lack of liberal policies and union control. People still buy cars and trucks, the once mainstay of Detroit. Detroit can be reborn but to do so, lower taxes. Lower regulation. Open Detroit (and Michigan) to business. Fire about 60% of the government workers. Cancel virtually all Welfare programs. (You’re hungry, go get a job. Oh, there are no jobs here?, go to California and work the harvest. Pick fruit, do the jobs the illegal aliens are doing. You’re too good for that, ok, starve. ) Hard? Cruel? Actually not. You want to have babies when you have no money to support them, when you don’t intend to marry the father and have a family, then starve, or go get a job. END WELFARE. Fire 60% of the public employees. Cancel the teachers unions. Keep the cops, keep the firemen. Lower taxes. Detroit would come alive and most of the people on Welfare would work, earn some pride, grow up, and make something of themselves.

    3. Chicago Nick says:

      “Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when Democrats are completely in charge – look around you Detroit, you are a Democrat paradise, and the ultimate Democrat city”

      Yea third word illegal alien ghetto paradise CHEEcanocago isn’t far behind. Thank God I live safely to the north of that democratic created zoo..Talk about third world dumps.

      The only places you can go unarmed while white is on the Mag Mile and northside,

      Other than that it’s open season on anyone not carrying even though Daley’s usurped the 2nd amendment, we’re armed to the hilt outside ghettoland.

      1. LG says:

        Yeah, and you will continue to have the “third world illegal alien ghetto paradise” by voting for Rahm Emmanuel, another Democrat Socialist. Why don’t you guys ever learn?

    4. sueinmi says:

      Also, unions protected workers who were nonproductive. We’ve seen Chrysler workers fired recently for drug use. That’s been going on for YEARS and no one had the nerve to confront it. Actions have consequences…

    5. Wonderful In TN says:

      Don’t forget about California… they too were run by Democrats into the ground.
      Most of the Republican states are not near as bad off. To bad they are jumping ship and heading to the nearest neighborhood near you and will keep voting for freebies. Rolling my eyes.

      1. Nick says:

        Yeah, like Texas’ 31 billion dollar deficit?

    6. shack95 says:

      Cut taxes to the overly rich business owners, and throw out all the retired public workers pensions so they have no money to pay for anything and live in cardboard boxes while eating dog food and run up medicaid when they visit the ER for every little sniffle.

      Sounds like a Republican Utopia to me.

      1. Phenry says:

        You really are a fool aren’t you??? Democrats have been the ruling party of Detroit for 50 years and you blame Republicans????? I’m glad I’m a registered Independent, who doesn’t have to blindly follow one party or the other.

    7. Toady says:

      Democrat politicians didn’t sire all those out-of-wedlock babies nor are they making the streets unsafe. For any improvement to occur, a sea change is needed in the personal values of Detroit residents.

    8. D. Duggan says:

      You said it perfectly!!!!

    9. LaVera Davisd says:

      Why not permit officers and firefighters who have not moved from the city an opportunity to benefit from this program. Why are suburbinites always given the gravy while the city residents are given the shaft?

    10. Jeremy says:

      Actually about 90% of all large cities are democratic majorities. can you name any city of over 500,000 people that is republican? New York City, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Indianapolis, Columbus,Boston, New Orleans, Nashville, all democratic cities, some of them very nice cities.

  6. Rich Barnett says:

    Does the silly person who wrote this “article” know what HUD is?

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      I know what it means, Housing for Urban Deadbeats mostly.

  7. Lou Voren says:

    Whar is to stop these “enterprising civil service slouches from taking the offer and then renting out the house that they got at a bargain purchase?

    With all the corruption in that city, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happenned.

  8. Dane says:

    Apparently not, I assume “neighborhood stabilization funding” is somehow subsidized by the tax payer as well.

  9. Sam Vaughn says:

    What a moron. Who in their right mind would want to live in the mecca of marxist/socialist Michigan. There is a reason why Detroit is no longer the center of world auto production. The unions and government ruined them and are only continuing the trend.. Perhaps the Obama regime will pass law making it illegal to buy anything other than a GM? Just like health care, buy it or pay a fine, do not pass GO on your way jail…….

    1. Eric says:

      Exactly, we need to get rid of unions so we can lower the wages to Chinese wages. You bet your butt we’ll be competitive then.

      1. PaulThomas says:

        Funny Eric, you would prefer not having wages, instead you want welfare. Unions turn everything to garbage. Are you one of those Chrysler workers out drinking and smoking dope on the job?

      2. SteveAZ says:

        None the less if you want to compete your not doing it with $50/hr all medical paid and retire at 55. Unions have to compromise too.

      3. Eric says:

        Heck no, I live in Texas where you get fired because they want to hire their crack smoking brother and tell you that is the reason they are firing you. Also we prefer illegal aliens since they are easier to exploit. We tell our bleeding heart liberal boss we hired the illegals for $20 an hour and then tell the illegals they are only getting $10 and hour and they better be quiet or they’ll be deported. I sure as heck don’t want unions down here trying to make it more difficult for us to exploit our workers.

    2. the1derwoman says:

      Obama has already found a way to make us buy GM stock. The bailout was funded by us.

      1. WeThePeople says:

        Yeh, We can own one, just can’t drive it.
        Because it belongs to The United Socialist States of America – USSA

    3. Dave G says:

      “we need to get rid of unions so we can lower the wages to Chinese wages. ”

      Eric, U.S. union workers have a lower average IQ and much lazier work ethic than a Chinese worker. I would hope the U.S. union guy to get paid much less than a Chinese factory worker.

  10. Det.Nefarius Jeters says:

    I cants afford dat. Go lowers.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      lol…Iz hearz ya bro…..dang, my welfares aints enough, I needs much mo. yo…

  11. victor ellery says:

    why would any police or firefighters want to live inside a city that is so crime ridden that the danger of getting shot or robbed is higher than in the suburbs….Detroit is almost all black and that is where the most trouble is….

    1. Old Fuss and feathers says:

      Truth reigns eternal, and that sounds like truff!

  12. Old Fuss n' feathers says:

    So this is how civilizations become buried under dust only to be found 3 thousand years from now. Some guys remains clinging to an NBA Championship trophy and an uzzie.

  13. pashley1411 says:

    Why are police and firefighters given homes for free? In case noone is paying attention, the governing class has long since forgotten about the private sector, except at tax time, and operates to the benefit of government workers.

    Detroit is notoriously a miserable and scary place to be. Cross the city boundry to a suburb , and its livable. Why is a city boundry so imporant? Take a hint.

    1. jgalt11 says:

      why are police and firefighters given homes for free?

      because they are in a Union, and their votes can be purchased.

  14. Whatever says:

    Michigan is odd. A friend lost his job. The government threw him in jail until he pays child support, ironically, he cannot interview for a job in jail.

    Oddity #2 – they did not call it debtor’s prison, but contempt of court, but he is in jail for not paying a debt.

    Oddity #3 – And his neighbors in Michigan do not pay mortgages, rent out the houses, and pocket the cash. They are free.

    And people argue for more government involvement.

    1. Bruce_Almty says:

      Sure more Gov’t involvement and ur friend would get out of jail and the next mayor.

  15. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    The American Street knows they have been lied to.

    both of our corrupt political parties
    all of our corrupt controlled media

  16. Joe the Pimpernel says:

    If they sit vacant for more than two minutes the local homeless people strip out all the metal fixtures, plumbing, wiring, etc., and they aren’t worth what it would cost to tear them down.

    1. PaulThomas says:

      I watched two bums strip a house of it’s bricks. Suppossedly they get a dime a brick. Until one pulled the wall down on top of himself. It was pretty funny.

      1. Expat Ohio says:

        Same thing happened in the Gaza after Israel turn it over…and then look at any other un-developed country, same thing–strip it out like a vulture. Wonder if Oberfurher or Ed from MSCCCP would live there? America, we are in deep trouble…

  17. Mr J. Stephen Kennedy says:

    and where wd these guys send their children to school

  18. gotcha says:

    Everything is funded by taxes … where do you think the money comes from? Government is in the business of making money, your money. Get it!

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Isn’t it hilarious how liberals think the government has their own money?!!! Morons…It’s our money dangit….I guess they would think that since most have never had jobs outside the black market drug trade or the teacher’s unions.

  19. Tom Jeffers says:

    I HAVE to repeat this one.

    The New Communism: Bankrupt a city through socialist policies, seize the abandoned property, use forcefully taken tax dollars to renovate abandoned property and then redistribute the wealth. Rinse and Repeat.

  20. Uncle Fun says:

    If Detroit would legalize marijuana and hemp and allow it to be grown on all the open lots, they could turn the city around in 5 years and show a profit.

    1. cole says:

      while i support your plan, i’d like to see those numbers.

  21. Jack & Jill says:

    As long as the stupid politicians keep sending out free checks every month, and providing free health care, and providing free food…. the illegals and the poor folks will keep making babies!!!!

  22. Old Breed says:

    In most slum cities like Detroit, you either become very good at Basketball or Football and become a professional athlete…

    Or, you suck off of the Government’s tittie for the rest of your life…

    Or, you go to prison for the rest of your life.

    So, why do those stupid people keep having kids?!

    1. sueinmi says:

      Get bigger checks.

  23. WeThePeople says:

    That’s a big turn of events.

    Police and Fire Fighters living in “The Projects”!

    Sounds like they are “Movin’ on Down,…. to the West Side!”.

  24. Hank Warren says:

    Cops, big paychecks, no laws and free housing (as long as they kill for the gov’t), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  25. Lucas says:

    I agree with the above. I will never understand why low-income people keep having children, when they damn well know they can’t afford them.

    These unfortunate children have no chance, or a very slim chance of ever getting out of the projects. And so, generation after generation grows up in the slums of Detroit and other cities, and the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

    If I was a cop, I would live as far away as possible from I worked. Their job is hard enough, without having to constantly worry about their families and their home.

    1. Kevin says:

      More children = More Money from Uncle Sugar ( actually you and me).

    2. Flashman says:

      Lucas. They are PAID to have more kids. This was the social engineering begun in the 1960’s that has led to the decline in the black population (and in poor white populations also). A girl has a kid, she gets a check. She has two kids, she gets a bigger check. She gets married, she loses the check. These welfare policies are what CAUSED this decline.

      During the depression -the 1930’s – black people had a lower out-of-wedlock birth rate than whites. Blacks have historically cherished three things: their families, education, and their churches. WEFARE policies that awarded girls, with money, when they had out-of-wedlock children began the break up of the black family. Forced bussing and integration of neighborhoods, along with fatherless homes, begin the breakup of education. Blacks for the most part have kept intact the last leg – their churches. Additionally, in 1962 President Kennedy signed an executive order allowing the unionization of federal workers (prior to this it was unlawful to have public unions, at least at the federal level.). Teachers unions stole the incentive to have great teachers.

      It is racist, in the true sense, to believe that black people, because of their race alone, are in the condition they are in. But liberal, socialist, psychology based “social engineering”, was sold to the politicians, and the people (free money for all) and the result is the lawlessness we see in many big (mostly black) cities.

      The cure: Fire 50% of “public sector” workers. Cancel ALL public sector unions. Make avaiilable to every parent who wants them school vouchers (real easy to compute: how much money is in the ‘education budget’ in Detroit, divide by the number of kids, and that is the magic number. A parent can send their kid to any private school and use that voucher to help pay for it. And, that money comes out of the public school pot. Oh, END ALL WELFARE. You’re hungry, go get a job. No job? Go to California and work in the fields – kick the illegal Mexicans out. You don’t want to work, well then, you starve. Hard? Cruel? Tough!

      Oh, lower taxes. Lower regulation. Cancel MOST “environmental’ regulation (No, don’t allow polluters – companies can’t pour poisons into lakes and rivers; nor pollute the air, BUT about 80% of the current regulations are not needed. Bring in business. Encourage it. Cut takes. Cut public spending. Dismantle public unions. Cancel welfare. Blacks would either die off or make it.

      1. sueinmi says:

        He gets $25,000 ”tax” return/she gets $25,000 ”tax” return=$50,000. Get married, only get $25,000. (hard to believe but absolutely true here in Michigan)

  26. say what says:

    Deetroit is what teh new Amerika will look like.

  27. racist says:

    who wants to live in a third world african nation?

  28. MIKE says:


  29. Jack Kennedy says:

    if you like what the unions/democrats/liberals have done for detroit, then you will love what they want to do TO America

  30. progressives babyboy says:

    Shhhh… taxpaying dregs are not supposed to know that this is ALL going to be paid for with YOUR money. Whoever wrote this obviously thinks you are to odumb to know that “This is not going to be paid with tax$$$” when he/she made that comment. MSM media =lying propaganda machine.

    HealthCareReform=”Final Solution.”

  31. walter12 says:

    I am fully aware that these comments are hardly read by anyone but I just must say something about Detroit. I lived in the Washington DC area for over 26 years and now live in Montana, thank God. I do know a little about life in the inner cities of the US. What Detroit is now is the result of 50 years of Marxist city governments, sky high taxes, the breakdown of the black family unit, the invasion of Mexicans, black and Mexican youth gangs, drugs, rampant street crime, and no tax base, white flight do to crime, taxes, and terrible schools. No middle class family will ever live in Detroit again. You might as well burn the entire city down and start completely over. As long as there is rampant street crime, black and Mexican youth gangs, sky-high taxes, hughe welfare roles, terrible schools, and on and on, the city will remain a ruin of lives.

  32. Chicago Nick says:

    Oh as if they don’t have the money already to do this. Why not offer these homes to the disabled, or the elderly, or both? No, let’s instead give them away to people who work for unions making 7 figures with full health benefits and pensions that are the real culprits breaking the city budgets nationwide….

    The cops know better, they’ll stay in the suburbs because they know living in that jungle means being there 24/7 365 which means their chances that they won’t stay alive long enough to cash in on their golden platinum parachutes so they can retire at 50 and spend the rest of their days on the beaches of Florida go down exponentially.

    The very same reason anyone who can has escaped ……

    They wonder why people are angry at cops and firefighters and teachers, these are supposed to be public service jobs, not royalty. Not to mention half the cops are probably cashing in on the take as well doing triple dipping in these urban jungles where the cops don’t prevent crimes, all they do is clean up after homicides half the time.

    When was the last time someone there had something ripped off that was returned to them>? Probably never.

  33. Tadd Woodgrain says:

    “I begin by taking. I shall find scholars later to demonstrate my perfect right.”
    – Frederick (II) the Great

  34. BOB says:

    Unlike every other city like Chicago, now with Rahm running for mayor as a non-resisident where you couldn’t be a residient without living there, Detroit wants its government/unionized residents back. Now that all of them have failed and created the worst US city, we in the country have to subsidize them moving back to a disaster they helped to create through voiting, unions, and incompetence. We taxpayers from across the US say “NO.” You are the poster children for liberal, racist pro black, third world corruption levels, victim-philosophy, failed welfare, hate business ideology results. Wallow in your own anti-American results from forty years of hatred of all things American.

  35. JD says:

    i want to buy a few city blocks and build my own compound. itd be awesome. have my own farm there and

  36. DonnyJamesJr says:

    One could expect that within hours of moving in, a police officer would probably have to shoot one of his neighbors.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Probably have to do that just to move in the freakin place

      ….I can’t imagine a fixed up and empty domicile lasting overnight there or here down in CHee cago without being converted to a crack and ho house…Like rats, they infest everything they can get away with nowadays…God help us all..

      Maybe Charlie Sheen might be movin in since he’s chosen the ghetto life for himself, he could be the king of crackland….;)

  37. Robispierr'e says:

    Something everyone overlooked. it takes 2-4 months to get a contractor’s or other construction license, it takes 6-9 months to get through all the paperwork and regulation to start a legal buisness as well. The COSTS in time, money, legal fees, and untold anguish and fustration just to be able to have the chance of taking a risk to be a productive! are just some of the hurdles one has to overcome, to have a chance at being productive. What does all the paperwork and regulation serve? they are a full employment protection scam for union thugs.

  38. luk8uj says:

    Soon he’ll have to pay them to live in the city.

  39. brophinator says:

    Sam said it all… keep on truckin

  40. Red Ruffansore says:

    Nobody wants to live in the liberal stinkhole of your creation clowns and using taxpayer money to woo them there is really ripe. Why don’t you just offer those union weasels a cut of the grift money you get to control city hall, a big-O-slice-O-gravy is just what dem boys need to live in da city.

  41. joe says:

    Take 1 cup of California
    Add a teaspoon of Detroit
    Add a tablespoon of New York and an ounce of Chicago
    Mix thoroughly

    And you have the most deadly weapon of mass destruction known. The Liberal Boma

  42. Outer Banks Lookout says:

    Notwithstanding how Detriot got to this point (which is an array of complicated issues, developing over the course of several decades); I think this plan falls short of the fundamental problems of inner-city Detriot (i.e. crime, education, and employment). Sure, having 50 to 100 government workers move into vacant homes might improve the surrounding market values some, but that’s just a drop in the bucket for a City the size of Detriot. Mayor Bing should first start by not ignoring the market (there is a reason people why all these people moved out in the first place).

  43. dan says:

    “Bing says funding for the project will come from neighborhood stabilization funding, HUD and partnerships with local banks and credit unions. No tax dollars will be spent.”

    HUD is funded by taxpayers, you moron!

  44. Cebes says:

    Sounds like a typical public servant union scam. Ease up on a restriction keeping police and firefighters within the city then offering them a ridiculously low real estate investment. So what, the Detroit firefighters have to have expensive taxpayer paid GPS systems in their rigs because they don’t live in the city and can’t find their way around town to get to the fire? All city employees should live in the city they work. If you don’t like that rule then give up your job and go get another government job in another city.

  45. Rufus Scipio says:

    Chicago and Detroit remind me of the rot, decay, and disintegration of the African nations after the European powers were forced to relinquish their colonial fiefdoms during the 1959’s in the name of DEMOCRACY. The African civil wars, starvation, and hopelessness are a vision of the Chicago and Detroit of the future.

  46. GetReal says:

    Say what….?? The local idiots walk in and shoot cops IN the police station…and you want them to live in the city??? HAHAHAHAHAHA………………….

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