John Skelton Claims Foster Family Has His 3 Missing Boys

ADRIAN (WWJ) – More bizarre statements from John Skelton — the Lenawee County father being held in the disappearance of his three young sons.

Skelton, in another jailhouse interview … this time with Channel 4 — says Andrew, Tanner and Alexander are with a foster family. He says he met the couple at a truck stop in Niles, Michigan in September, and started the process then because he feared the children were being abused by their mother. Skelton claims the boys were supposed to have a sleep over with the couple on Thanksgiving — as a trial run — but he never saw his kids again.

Skelton is charged with parental kidnapping. He’s due in court today for a pre-trial conference.

  • DEW530

    What a bizarre story. I think it is another lie from this criminal failure of a father. If he harmed those little boys in any way, he is more even more dispicable than he already appears to be. Isn’t it a terrible shame that the children are so aften the ones to suffer when we adults do stupid, hurtful things?

  • John Devaney

    Skelton ant stupid.He wants someone else to be responsible when the bodies are found.”Those evil people did it! Not me.”

  • Can't Fool this Michigander

    Visit a Michigan Truck Stop – Your Convenient Bogus Alibi Center

    Looking to dispose of loved ones? Take them to a Michigan Truck Stop and give them to fictitious strangers under the pretense of securing your loved ones’ safety. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing fictitious truck stop strangers will be caring for your loved ones. And fictitious truck stop strangers may actually be more trustworthy than you.

    Michigan has already suffered too much from poor logic driven decisions. Here’s one more from a man destined to spend lots of time correcting his reasoning in Milan.

  • sandra

    Why would anyone believe this man he would not know the truth if it bit him in the behind! I thought he was supposedly trying to hang himself on Friday after Thanksgiving? He has done something to these poor children and is trying to cover it up.

  • Yaek

    This jerk is loooving the attantion from the media, somewhere in his sick mind he feels like a hollywood star and soon enough he will start trying to charge for the interviews. Not to mention he’s getting the royal treatment living off tax payer dollars, in a jail cell and a meal every day. While manipulating, lying and controlling his versions of the story. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Send this guy to a mexican jail, he’ll speak after 15 minutes in there: tehuacanazo!

  • Reward At $60K For Information On Missing Skelton Boys « CBS Detroit

    […] and Tanner Skelton, the missing boys, were last seen on Thanksgiving weekend, their father, John Skelton, remains jailed, charged with kidnapping. Print Share […]

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