DETROIT (WWJ) –  An angry and embarrassed Ontario woman who says she was strip-searched at the Ambassador Bridge without justification has sued two U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

The Detroit Free Press says Loretta Van Beek of Stratford filed the suit in Detroit federal court against the unnamed agents. She says she was en route to her Georgia vacation home last March when one agent strip-searched and groped her while the other one watched.

Van Beek says she was detained for two hours, then sent to a windowless cell and ordered to strip because she neglected to disclose she had raspberries in her vehicle.

The lawsuit claims one agent aggressively groped her breasts and genital area while the other watched. Van Beek says she was then photographed and fingerprinted and sent back to Canada.

Attorney S. Thomas Wienner of Rochester tells the Free Press the experience traumatized Van Beek and “She’s concerned she might not be the only victim.”

Customs and Border Patrol says it cannot comment on pending litigation.

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  1. Yes,Profile! says:

    PROFILE – Look for the actual criminals.
    DISCRIMINATION – the ability to decern between good and evil.
    TOLERANCE – To “put up with” something or someone intolerable.
    Folks, it time to PROFILE, DISCRIMINATE, and stop “putting up with” pushy intolerable people.

  2. DamYankee says:

    It has nothing to do at all with our current events. Trying to get into Canada has always been a pain in the a@@. Canadians are afraid that the 20th century might get in, so having bugs on your windshield is probable cause to look inside your rectum. At least it keeps these perfect citizens employed. Canada has absolutley NOTHING to offer this NY native….I don’t plan on using it for a short-cut to Detroit ( might die in one of those dangerous Rail crossings)

    1. jack says:

      So you see Dam…we DO have a lot in common. Except of course we in Canada try not to bomb the snot out of every moving creature on the face of the earth in the name of democratic oil. Ooops…I’m so very wrong there. I forgot for a moment that you brought peace and democracy to Iraq and Afg just as you did in Vietnam mand will attempt to do in Iran…heck, I’m gonna go wash my mouth out with soap. Was it Cretien who said something to the effect of…you brought 9/11 upon yourselves with your very own attiude problem? Well, if he didn’t…I just did.

  3. CoachEJK says:

    I want to see the photos! Where are the photos.

    1. jack says:

      Probably in the back of the closet with the girly mags and movies

  4. michelle says:

    you are an idiot.

  5. Fookin Slob says:

    I got some dingleberries they can search for… Maybe they had to strip search her to see if she was smuggling raisins in her bra.

  6. elleno says:

    She was probably hiding raspberries in her butt

  7. Stevia says:

    Many tens of thousands of Canadians have second homes in the American southeast. The snow and cold up here doesn’t melt away in some places until May-June. So to think it’s somehow suspicious that the woman victim comes into the USA every year is way out of the ballpark. The lady wants to enjoy “Spring”, instead of going from deep-freeze straight into hot summer in a week. I’m thinking Toronto here. By the way, older Canadians aren’t looking to ‘sneak into’ the USA at all. They enjoy having free healthcare – even though the current Canadian government has been gutting it, and the bureaucratic medical death squads make inroads every day. Watch out with Obamacare. It’s not our system, but much worse. Now about those raspberries, they were from the USA or Mexico. Free Trade, remember? Probably packed with her organic yogurt for lunch. Yummy.

    1. Hal McCombs says:

      They love the ‘free’ healthcare, unless it’s something big. Then they come to their snowbird houses here in the South to get the best healthcare in the world.

      1. F says:

        “Unless its something big”
        Like my wife’s cancer?
        Treated sucessfully right here in Canada,thank you very much

  8. mark edward marchiafava says:

    how much longer till the 2nd American revolution?

  9. Hank Warren says:

    Strip searching Canadians while allowing illegal Mexicans in, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Hal McCombs says:

      good luck with that

    2. Thinkaboutit says:

      ummmm not that quiting school in thrid grade wasn’t a good idea but re-read what you wrote:

      “Strip searching Canadians while allowing illegal Mexicans in, yet another violation of our rights”

      Please point out which ‘Right’ specifically, acknowledged by the Constitution\Bill of Rights involves either strip searching Canadians (who by the way aren’t US Citizens) OR allowing illegal aliens from Mexico in?

      Would that be the the “Right of foreign nationals to carry contraband into the US without being searched” or the “Right of US citizens to have uncleared foreign nationals be blocked from entry” – nwo fit you want to talk laws that’s one thing but Rights?

  10. Sandy Lester says:

    George you are a moron. If you had a body cavity search with out a reason – remember the Constitution. You are part of the problem.

  11. Bilbo says:

    Body cavity search? What a friggin sheep. Are you US citizens? You should move overseas and stay there.

    1. Hal McCombs says:

      He didn’t say whether or not they found anything in there.

  12. Doug in Jax says:

    Next time just fly to Mexico and then come into the U.S. with a semi-truck full of contraband and 50 friends. U.S. customs won’t do squat to you then.

  13. jake49 says:

    Uh Rasberries, from Canada, in mid-winter, huh? IF she comes back again strip search her again.

  14. EvilBuddyP says:

    Dude, You’re a dufus

  15. berry sorry says:

    Raspberry Fields Forever. Nobody wants a raspberry bomber on the loose. Sounds like this lady will be taking a tidy sum from the American taxpayer. Them’s the berries.

  16. Samantha Harrington says:

    John, she is a human being and strip searching someone over some fruit is excessive. The punishment should fit the crime… even an idiot should understand that concept. Does this mean you are ok with a rectal exam before your next flight or at the rate we are going… before you renew your drivers license? Maybe you should just drop your drawers and bend over now so you can maybe… save yourself some trouble later.

  17. Wyrdless says:

    Kudos on the post, I’ve never seen this many morons respond seriously to satire.

    Really brightened up my day :)

    1. Bass Pro says:

      Lutz is the MAN!!

      You know George took more than the limit today!!
      Dang… hope hit boat is big enough to hold his big haul…

  18. Mike Hunt says:

    If they really wanted to do something, stop allowing all of these people from the middle east to work in the SIDA area. When an American citizen applies for a security badge they check back 10 years in their backround. When someone from ethiopia or any of those other middle east countries applies for a badge, they chack back 6 months. So as long as they have stayed out of trouble in the US for 6 months, these people have direct, unsupervised access to aircraft. And they are worried about raspberries………………..

  19. Rich B says:

    reminds me of the Monty Python skit about defending yourself against fresh fruit … quote: “Sergeant: Shut up. Come on, brandish that raspberry. Come at me with it. Give me Hell.”

    we are losing our minds these days…

  20. Roy Rogers says:

    She should have kept her burka on. Muslims are the ONLY ones given a pass these days.

  21. Joshua says:

    Muslim jihadi terrorists are NOW building powerful explosive packages that look EXACTLY like a box of RASBERRIES, and can be set off remotely by a stong and wicked look from up to 200 meters away. The do not show up on the new TSA airport body scanners, as they appear to look exactly like a mere malignat tumor growing in a normal body cavity or gut. Clever devils, these Muhummad followers.

    When questioned about it, Janet Napolinato declared, “I am ALL OVER those RASBERRIES.”

  22. BillyBoy says:

    She should have come across the Mexican border instead. Then she could have brought; drugs, sex slaves, illnesses ect

  23. ML/NJ says:

    Assuming that she was even just searched, what were the grounds for refusing her entry to the United States. If there was none (beyond the raspberries) that would mean that any search was done for the pleasure of the border folks.

  24. unclesmrgol says:

    She is a “person” (plural: people) with respect to our Constitution, and while the Constitution gives Customs broad leeway — far more than any police unit inside the border — it doesn’t give away the entire Fourth Amendment when dealing with a person. You’ll note that the Fourth Amendment does not only apply to “citizens” — it applies to “people”(another word used frequently in the Constitution, but which is more general than “citizen”). A cavity search over an agricultural violation by a person who has a history of transiting our border is going a bit far, and this woman is entitled to her day in our courts.

  25. Red Ruffansore says:

    Janet (two scoops) Neopolitan and her crew doing what they do best, turning everything into a clusterfornication. So Obots, are you thick skulled mongoloids going to vote democrat in 2012 or is any of this sinking in?

  26. comeandtakethis says:

    IDIOT!! this has nothing to do with the war and has everthing to do with taking away you individual liberties.
    Those who would cede liberty for security deserve neither security liberty nor security. Your lliberty is the most precious thing you posses and your willingness to had it over to others is a testament to the stupidity iof the public at large. The security we have in place has stopped nothing and in each instance of potiental terrorism it was an individual that interceded and stopped the threat.

    1. Ben Clamon says:

      Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force and like fire a terrible servant and a merciless master–
      –President George Washington–

  27. Ben says:

    She should have just snuck in from Mexico, they would let you right through at that border.

  28. Realist says:

    I sincerely hope you’re being sarcastic. A Canadian lady who didn’t mention she had some raspberries is singled out for groping and you imply that makes us safer? Our southern border is an unsecured sieve but some raspberries justify sexual harassment of a law-abiding Canadian citizen? You can’t conduct a war against a concept, terror, but only against people. We’re singling out the wrong people.

  29. BFA says:

    Let people smuggle stuff into Detroit. It might help their economic. Oh, wait, Chrysler is going to do that.

  30. Hal McCombs says:

    Yes. Those raspberries could have killed millions of Americans.

  31. Never Forget says:

    Any photos?

  32. Ben Clamon says:

    Is it a coincidence that your name rhymes with PUTZ?
    I don’t think so!

  33. whatup says:

    All this talk of strip searching and molesting is getting me all hot…

  34. Irish67 says:

    I hope these two morons get transferred to El Paso.

  35. Aaron says:

    George, you are not seriously comparing this incident to efforts in the war on terror. These weren’t vigilant border agents detaining a young, Muslim male (that would never happen by the way). It was a pack of jack booted thugs showing disregard for a citizen of Canada. This is an international incident. Get your head on straight and stop making excuses.

  36. Bubba says:

    To be strip searched over berries…………. this is a truly offensive assault where these two criminals need to be taken to Gitmo and tortured each day for one year.

  37. Ziggurat56 says:

    I wonder if she was also smugglin’ raisins.

  38. Scott Stevens says:

    is that sarcastic or no?

  39. russ1449 says:

    You are joking, right?

  40. James - Longdrycreek says:

    Dear Sir: You sacrifice freedom for alleged safety. You will have neither soon enough. The woman had some berries. Dangerous felon in the making. I hope she collects and the officers are fired.

  41. billcrawford says:

    They are out of control, time to reign them in! but first these to agents needs to be terminated! and then arrested for sexual assult.

  42. Guest says:

    What and how did they search you body cavaties. I have not heard of this before. Did they stick something up your butt? I tell you one thing, at age 72, they would have to chatch me first.

  43. Not_Chicken_Little says:

    Meanwhile, at least 2,398 illegal aliens streamed across the southern US border with absolutely no problems at all…

  44. RayGarrettJr says:

    The lady needs to chill. That’s just called “The Detroit Handshake.” Once they’re gratified feeling you up, rifle through your belongings, and take your watch and any cash you have, they leave you alone for the most part.

  45. mike says:

    If this was an illegal immigrant, the media would be outraged. If George W Bush were still president, this story would be all over the mainstream media.

  46. George Lutz says:

    Obviously, judging by the comments to my post, the vast majority of people in America are fed up with the way we are being treated at the airport, at the border, on the highways, at sporting events. Women and children being groped. And if they aren’t groped they are scanned with harmful X-rays which see beneath their clothing. We are all against this type is dishonorable and shameful invasion by our own government. Yet the government, those we put into power, do nothing to stop it. Sure, there might be an investigation here or there, and maybe a few people will get in trouble. But it still goes on as policy. You all hate George Lutz, but he is nothing more than the voice of those in the TSA, Homeland Security, Border Patrol. These are the agencies that rule over you. George Lutz is running this country. Wake up! Stop flying. Stop talking to law enforcement. When they ask you anything, say you are invoking your 5th amendment right to stay silent. Even if they ask you where you are headed or why you were going so fast. If you are on a jury, find the person not guilty unless they have done something to harm another person somehow. Unlawful possession of a firearm? NOT GUILTY! Possession of drugs? NOT GUILTY! Transport of firearms across state lines? NOT GUILTY! Don’t submit to their ideology that they want you to have like good little sheep. If they have you cornered, just don’t talk to them at all. They can search you all they want because you can’t stop them, but you can nullify juries and you can not play their game by invoking your right to stay silent. If you got angry at my posts. GOOD! Now realize that anger is telling you to WAKE UP to the fact that you are living in police state USA.

    1. Bass Pro says:


      Does this mean you are giving up trolling?
      You ARE the greatest….”We’re not worthy” :)

      Looks like the site game warden “confiscated ” your “huge haul”
      kind of pathetic….it was a good example for all to see.

  47. BruceQuarles says:

    cbs blows

  48. crypticguise says:

    I’ll bet the US Agents were female black neanderthals from Detroit who were harrassing a whit woman. How do I know? I don’t. It just seems such a purely STUPID thing to do. More likely to be a Black Female Agent with a 75 IQ. Are my comments racist? If they were black was their behavior racist?

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