The Covert computer security firm Sensible Vision Thursday announced the release of a next-generation facial recognition algorithm for its software, FastAccess.

The company’s products are already at work for IT giants like Dell, Alienware and Logitech.

Available now, a free trial of the new version can be downloaded at

Building on the most successful aspects of FastAccess, Sensible Vision extends the leading edge of recognition technology with:

* New browser support: FastAccess’s Web Login feature now supports the Google Chrome browser.
* Enhanced Recognition: With a next-generation algorithm, users will now experience even more frequent recognition in an even wider variety of lighting conditions.
* Improved Photo Rejection: Already highly resistant to photos and video, FastAccess now even rejects most photos taken through the very same camera being used for recognition.

“It’s become clear that the Web Login feature of FastAccess is one of our most popular and useful features,” said Darin Beery, director of sales and marketing. “The ability to login into Web sites automatically using just their face is clearly quite valuable to our customers. Now users can have this security and convenience in all the most popular browsers — Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.”

Also, FastAccess will now recognize users even more frequently and in more varied lighting conditions. This provides the best possible user experience available today.

“As computing becomes increasingly mobile, we wanted to prompt users for their password as infrequently as possible even as they move their laptop from location to location,” said Cyrus Azar, CTO. “Our new algorithm maximizes that convenience without compromising the historically high accuracy that FastAccess users have come to expect and depend on.”

Finally, Sensible Vision has improved its algorithms to even more strongly reject sophisticated photo and video attacks. For the first time even photos taken through the webcam are likely to be rejected, further strengthening its security.

“Our customers expect FastAccess to be a true security tool, not a toy,” said George Brostoff, CEO. “Very strong resistance to photo/video attacks provides a level of confidence that allows our users to rely on FastAccess to protect sensitive information in a variety of environments.”

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