DETROIT (WWJ) For more than 30 years, doctors and scientists have been waging war against HIV and AIDS.  WWJ’s Stephanie Davis reports, there was something special in Detroit Thursday aimed at raising awareness. 

Wayne county and Detroit in particular have the highest prevalence of HIV in the state with African-American’s disproportionately affected.

“Principally it is because of poverty, lack of knowledge and not getting tested, people do not generally infect another person with HIV because they want to infect them, they infect them because they do not know they are at risk and that they are positive for HIV, ” says Dr. Linda Gilham Detroit Department of Health and Wellness promotion.

“To educate to test, to make people more involved and to let them know of the different treatments available for individuals, and in Michigan we are very lucky that we don’t have a waiting list and anyone with HIV can get treatment for free,” Gilham states that is the focus of the program.
The Detroit Department of Health and Wellness program offers, free, same day HIV testing and results.

There is no waiting list like there is in some other states.


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