A new online system will make it easy for the public to report and avoid potholes during the dreaded pothole season, which began with warmer temperatures last weekend and is expected to get worse as temperatures fluctuate between freeze and thaw the next few weeks.

Michigan drivers can visit www.drivemi.org and submit pothole locations, photos and comments to the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, the road industry trade group sponsoring the new reporting system.

MITA will gather the information to create a new statewide Google Map containing user-submitted pothole locations, photos, and comments. User-submitted pothole locations will appear on a map at MITA’s website, www.drivemi.org. The map will appear this week when MITA receives pothole submissions from residents around the state.

“Driving on pothole-riddled roads costs each Michigan motorist an average of $370 a year, and the average pothole repair can run even higher,” said Mike Nystrom, executive vice president of MITA. “And you can’t put a price tag on the frustration some of these potholes can cause.”

In addition to collecting the pothole data, MITA will report the pothole locations to state and local road agencies as a public service.

MITA represents a broad spectrum of highway construction companies and suppliers that help build a better Michigan infrastructure from the bottom up. It has been a leading voice in efforts to secure adequate transportation funding at the federal and state levels. For more information, visit www.mi-ita.com or www.drivemi.org .

Comments (2)
  1. SaveMyTire.com says:

    Perhaps the public could request Philly to use the Pothole Alert App which
    avoids having citizens logging online to fill out a lengthy pothole report
    form. Pothole Alert will create the report for you. You only have to spot
    the pothole and double tap your phone to report.


    1. SaveMyTire.com says:

      Correction. Perhaps the public could request Detroit to use the Pothole Alert App

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