Karsch and Anderson received their Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Inside they found a photo of “the great one” Wayne Greztky for Sketchers. Doug thinks Wayne looks weird. What do you think?


Comments (21)
  1. johnny hockey says:

    not really and not enough to warrant comment on!

  2. LocalHero says:

    I met The Great One at an event about a year ago & this pic looks the same as I recall. Doesn’t look weird to me.

  3. shane pfannes says:

    Whats the problem? That looks pretty normal to me. What am I missing??

  4. Greg says:

    maybe had some work done but no big deal.

  5. john from flint says:

    Wayne looks like he got his head caught between the zambonee(?) and the boards.

  6. Mike says:

    Is there another picture you guys are talking about? Whats wrong with him?

  7. Jonas Brother says:

    Wayne , looks fine to me. maybe a little botoxy, but thats about it.

  8. Sam says:

    It’s called botox.

  9. Dan says:

    Looks OK to me… Don’t be checkin’ out the Dude too much, you might get your Man Card revoked!

  10. tim says:

    i think it’s funny that doug is talking about how someone looks. dude, shave your head. get it over with….

  11. Heidi Montag says:

    Looks fine to me.

  12. Jared says:

    Shut up doug. why dont you spend more time giving the number to the station or cutting gator off over and over and over again. Huge waste of time Doug.

  13. Mark S. says:

    Doug, put the crackpipe down… the fumes are blurring your vision.

    Hey, the dude is getting old, and he’s showing it a bit. You guys are ripping on a “HOCKEY PLAYER’S FACE?” I mean, c’mon Doug! At least he still has his teeth, and his nose isn’t Picasso’d…

    Mark in Fenton

  14. William Clemens says:

    everybody… click the link under the picture that says “waynesi” THAT is the picture they are talking about on air. the pic you see is a real picture.

  15. Dan Ealy says:

    He looks Like Glen Quagmire lol

  16. chad says:

    I would of never noticed……….. you 2 spending a little TOO much time together maybe…….

  17. chris in northville says:

    to dan ealy. thought the same thing, the second i looked at that ad. quagmire personified.

    1. chris in northville says:

      good call. thanks for stealing my thunder. be well.

  18. Ken (Old guy) says:

    Hey, we all get older and our looks change. So what!!

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