Educators Bemoan Proposed School Aid Cuts

LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan educators don’t like what they’re seeing in Governor Rick Snyder’s budget plan, when it comes to school funding.

Michigan Education Association President Iris Salters says she is dismayed by the Governor’s proposal to cut state school aid by $470 per student.

Salters tells WWJ’s Greg Bowman those cuts would have a drastic impact on school districts across the state.

“That’s going to mean layoffs. It’s going to mean less resources in the classroom. It’s going to mean that schools are not able to put forth the kind of enhancements that they need to do to make sure that every child gets a great education,” Salters said.

Salters said we can’t keep cutting education if we want to see  better results  from teachers and students. 

“This, I think, is an extreme measure. Then, on top of that, when you take the idea of putting community colleges into the State Aid fund… So, you’re cutting the people you have in it, and then you add more, so you can cut them — It’s a no-win situation,” she said.

Salters believes these school cuts, in the long run, will hurt Michigan’s recovery.

“I think that if the governor and the legislature is interested in moving Michigan out of this crisis situation, then education is the key.  You can’t continue to cut it and expect to get enhancements in that arena,” Salters said.

The governor is calling for a reduction of $300 per pupil in kindergarten through high school, in addition to $170 in cuts already budgeted. 

Snyder revealed his cut-cutting budget plan Thursday morning. Read more about his proposal at this link.

  • TaterSalad

    As a retired auto worker myself, I have NO problem taxing my pension as long as it is done fairly and across the board with everyone in the state. This taxation could be tied to the states revenue collection each year and adjusted with a cap on up or down maximums and minimums on taxes paid to the state. If done fairly, the legislation can pass and win over greed. We do not want to end up like progressive states like California, New York, New Jersey nor Wisconsin. We can be better than them and we should show it!

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