There are a lot of bad ways to start the day, and finding out that arguably the best hitter in the American League just got busted for a DUI is definitely one of them.

I’m sure by now you have heard that Miguel Cabrera is in trouble once again after getting popped for drinking too much and then resisting arrest in Florida. Now odds are that nothing will happen to Miggy. He will still play, he probably won’t miss any time and when he comes to the plate at Comerica Park you will still cheer!

Yes that’s right you will still applaud for him even though he has let you down once again. I get it, when something like this happen the obvious reaction is to be pissed. I mean c’mon, this is a guy that makes $20-plus million a year and he didn’t use any of that money to make sure he gets home safely after a night of boozing, which by the way he claimed he doesn’t do anymore. Add that to letting down the Tigers in 2009 when he went out drinking with some White Sox buddies then getting into an altercation with his wife and ending up at the cop shop only to go hitless in the biggest game of the season, and yes you should be mad!

But let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? Every time something like this happens, the immediate question is, will you still cheer for him? The answer is yes! The answer is always yes because at the end of the day, if a guy can help your team, no matter how much he screws up off the field, you will stand, cheer and forget about everything that he has done wrong in his life. You might not admit it, you might not like it, you might even want to fight me for saying it but you know that it’s true!

Take any example out there; they all have the same result. Everybody hated Todd Bertuzzi for what he did to Steve Moore, but now look at him, he is playing great hockey for the Wings and the #44 jerseys at the Joe are selling like hot cakes. A-Rod took steroids but then helped the Yankees win a championship, you think any Yankee fan a couple years ago cheered the Pin stripers but booed Rodriguez? Of course not! Even Albert Pujols right now with his ridiculous contract negotiations, people claim that he is alienating the fans but when he digs in the batter’s box in a critical moment in a game in St. Louis he will be greeted with fifty thousand fans cheering his name.

The same goes for Miggy, no matter how much it makes you sick for what happened on Wednesday night, what was the first thing that went through your mind? It’s not “was he ok?” It’s not “was there anybody hurt?” It’s “will he be available on opening day when the games really start to matter?”

We all know how good this guy is and we all know how badly we want to go back to the postseason. You don’t have to be embarrassed for feeling this way, because it’s how every fan feels. How many times have we debated bringing in so called “bad guys” to Detroit because they can help our teams win? Pacman Jones, Ron Artest and even Shaun Rogers are examples of that. It’s a sports radio staple… “This guy has screwed up so many times but he can still play — do you want him?”

So you tell me! After reading what I just wrote, can you really disagree? If you say yes, then do me a favor: Picture a beautiful fall day in Detroit at Comerica Park. It’s the 8th inning and the Tigers trail the Twins by 2 with bases loaded. Detroit wins and they go to the postseason, they lose and they go home. There are 2 outs and Miguel Cabrera steps to the plate. The crowd is going bonkers knowing that this is the best chance to come back and win this game. Strike one, ball one, strike 2… Tell me, what are you doing? Are you standing there with your arms crossed, frown on your face hoping Miggy K’s so he gets what he has coming to him for screwing up in Spring Training? Yeah… didn’t think so! You, like every other Tiger fan, are getting ready to celebrate.

I’m not condoning what Cabrera did, nor am I saying that he doesn’t need help. And, I certainly hate the fact that he lied to all Tiger fans saying he was done drinking. But my only point here is that we want to win more than anything, and that does not make us bad people, just huge sports fans!

What do you think?

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  1. John says:

    I have been a sports fan all my life, but I TOTALLY disagree with T.J. and Mr Riger – I will NEVER cheer MIGGY again, because what is he teaching the kids that look up to him? That it is okay to CONSTANTLY go out and drink, because he will ALWAYS get away with it? And people will continue to cheer for him? Come on, Mr Riger – you need to wake up and live in the real world. I personally would love to see Leyland step up and say he won’t play Cabrera until he completes rehab. Cabrera is an Alcoholic that needs help, and until he gets that help, does not have a position in the Tigers organization.

    1. Upset Cabrera fan says:

      im 15, im a kid, i look up to him, i have never been drunk in my life. dont make it sound like you have any idea what we think of him. you obviously dont. look at it from the adults point of view, not the kids. stick to what you know, not what you think you know.

  2. Aaron says:


    You couldn’t be more correct then you are right now. Despite his of field problems Cabrera is hands down the best player the tigers have had in the last 30 years and we shouldn’t forget that. He definately needs help, but instead of shunning him we should suport him and hope that he can get the help he needs to keep him off the bottle, out of jail and back on the field. Cabrera is and always will be my Tiger! The guy needs help and hopefully now he’ll get some so he’s there with his team opening day.

  3. Rod says:

    He did wrong. He needs help. But before we throw him off the bus ,lets see what he does about it this time and hope its the last. Im sure most BASEBALL FANS will hope he gets better.

  4. joe says:

    to be convicted.. a crime must result in injury or loss, and as i suspect you’ll comment – some type of personal loss.. his family? i agree..

    however, in legal court.. who is the plaintiff? the state of FL? What loss did the state incur? tax money? do your research…………. and then research what the state has to gain…

    maybe be could have injured someone, of course he could have. now look at the facts, did miguel cabrera injure (go ahead and good the word all you want) anyone?

    1. joe says:

      i misspelled google for the work “good”

      1. joe says:

        does the news COMPLETELY inform you of the ENTIRE traffic stop? do you get a word for word report from the police department, or do you just base your opinion on what you read on the Internet?

        (this site just forced me to capitalize the word Internet in order for it to be spelled correctly, just letting you know)

    2. Don says:

      I’ve never seen someone comment on their own post so many times. Without clearly making a point, I might add. Furthermore, what do you mean “Who is the plaintiff?” He was driving under the influence. period. Just because he refused a PBT does not mean he cannot be prosecuted. If a police officer stops you in the driver seat of your car, and you’re drinking scotch, you can be charged with a crime. Are you trying to suggest that driving drunk is okay as long as no one gets hurt? Seriously, what is your point?

      1. joe says:

        i’m just simply stating the law… you clearly do not know it… neither do thousands of people that are paying fines/doing time in jail…. you are all just sheep being being told where and when to go by people with an ego bigger than the city of detroit…

      2. joe says:

        you are right. there is no plaintiff.. it’s a criminal case. SO it would be the state of FLORIDA vs. Miguel Cabrera..

        i’ll quote you, “he was driving under the influence. period.” you must be his defense layer, or you must have subsequently been AT THE TRAFFIC STOP to prove this.. right?

        i’ll just – assume – that neither are true..

        you are laughable at best…

        you turn the television on, watch some news telecast and – assume – that everything you hear is true… no wonder our country has been at war for more almost 10 STRAIGHT YEARS..

  5. joe says:

    OH, and what he is teaching our children? i guess that you should cut your internet, television, his/her cell phone, they’re going to school and abruptly allow they’re going out into public… remember, there are tons of rapists out there… you sir forget to remember that this world that we live in is dangerous (don’t you remember president bush rambling on about how bad the terrorists are?) – if you don’t know someone, they must be a drunken driver? what? doesn’t make any sense? makes just as much sense as saying that they are people who will bully your child at school, rape your wife at a car wash or hold you up for cash while your buying a soda at the store……

  6. joe says:

    again… where was the injury or loss? “corpus delicti”

    oh wait, you would not understand that would you?

    rhetoric has the best of you…. i apologize..

    1. Don says:

      Laughable is when someone carries an entire conversation with oneself. You can say what you want but you have not answered one question posted by Riger. All you’ve done is spit out some nonsense (completely off topic) in a desperate attempt to convince yourself that you are better than the rest. I’m sure you weren’t held enough as a kid but get a grip. Are you really that insecure. And you didn’t answer my question: Are you suggesting that drinking and driving is okay as long as no one is hurt? So your message to kids is “its okay to drive drunk, just refuse the PBT keep your mouth shut, and your lawyer will help you walk. …Ignorant

  7. joe says:

    i was editing my comment because i don’t have an editor.

    yes, i will still support him. he is a human, he makes mistakes.

    it’s not nonsense. it’s the law. if you don’t learn it, you will pay someone else to do a worse job defending you (if you ever need it, which i hope that you don’t ever)

    i’m already convinced that i LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and that i am entitled to certain liberties (freedoms if you will)

    i’m no better than you or your friends.. you who thinks that they are better? the police, the judges and the government.

    unfortunately, i cannot remember being that young.. however, if you are “sure” enough that i wasn’t held enough as a child, maybe you are someone that our society should look twice upon as a molester…

    no, i’m not that insecure. – email me your phone number and i’ll call to prove it.

    “drinking and driving?” sure, i can have a beer with my dinner at applebee’s and drive home with not problem whatsoever..

    my message to children? i haven’t even thought of that, because this article has nothing to do with children. wait.. i’ll get back to you the next time i hear a child talking about miguel cabrera’s dui case.

    as i stated earlier, someone like you would pay mega bucks for a lawyer (if ever needed) because you’re just another sheep.. you don’t know your rights.

    1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
    2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: “ignorant of astronomy”.

    how exactly does that describe me?

  8. Rob B. says:

    I’ve gotten a DUI, it sucks, I mean really sucks. I’ll be rooting for Miggy for sure. Anyone who says they won’t cheer for him is a liar. You’re dead on Riger.

    Go Tigers!

    P.S. – If the Tigers want even a chance for the playoffs, they NEED Miggs. Badly.

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