Headlines with Pujols…
10. Headlines for Albert Pujols: Pujols to seek release from first team will pursue number two… Tony @ work
Headlines regarding Pujols? “Contract Dispute Smears Pujols” -Dan in Livonia
9. Pujols back door deal is painful to deal with. Jdub
8. Cardinals concerned that mindset of Pujols is “exit only”… Pez in Rochester
7. St. Louis decided to trade star player to the Giants… sources say San Francisco teammates can’t wait to play with Pujols. TONY
6. A Season without Runs. Cardinals fans consider life without Pujols.
5. Team doctors warn, rubbing Pujols the wrong way may cause irritation. Kyle in A.P.
4. Pujols gives up on baseball to play tight end for the browns…..ray at work
3. “Pujols could be a nice compliment to Furbush in Detroit” Kevin in Lansing
2. Pujols creates large stink over contract….ray
1. Pujols spotted dropping kids off at the pool near Busch Stadium


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