TROY (WWJ) – A 20-year-old Troy man was arrested early Thursday morning after officers found him passed out in his car with his foot on the brake.

Troy Police Lt. Robert Redmond said officers approached the man’s vehicle as it sat idle in the right lane of John R. near Long Lake Road. They were shifting the car into park when they noticed a strong smell of marijuana.

“They saw both his hands were on his lap holding his bowl pipe of marijuana that he had been smoking. It took them a few seconds of yelling at him and shaking him to bring him out of his good sleep he was having there,” Redmond told WWJ Newsradio 950.

“I’d have to say this was kind of a rarity. It must have been some really good stuff he had because after a few hits on it, it pretty much put him right to sleep,” he said.

The man was arrested for operating under the influence of marijuana. He was released pending blood test results.

Comments (2)
  1. radical rex420 says:

    Um, how do they know HOW MUCH he had or how long he had been sitting there, figure in a few other factors like how much sleep did he have and was he drinking. If he had been just smoking it’s hard to believe that alone knocked his lights out with just a few hits.

  2. Jenna B says:

    He wasn’t drinking.

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