SOUTHFIELD (WWJ/AP) – A union for striking Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians says it’s recommending that its members reject a contract that management says is its final offer.

 “There are substantial differences between the two they are not that close, we have been forced to be out on strike now for 20 weeks, and certainly we are the first ones that would like to go back with a fair settlement,”
striking musician, violinist Joe Golden said. “We don’t have to…but we have decided to honor managements request to have this voted on, so this will be done by a secret ballot vote.”

Management has been seeking deep pay cuts because of the symphony’s deficit. Musicians have offered to accept some pay cuts.

Detroit Federation of Musicians spokesman Greg Bowens said Thursday night that union leaders have urged members to turn down the proposal. The musicians are scheduled to hold an online vote Friday and Saturday.

A vote count this weekend could still mean the end of the symphony’s entire season.

Symphony spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt says management will await the musicians’ vote before making any decisions about whether to cancel the rest of the season.

The strike started October 4, 2010.    
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (2)
  1. Otis Taylor says:

    Hurrah! Get rid of every one of them forever. They are a bunch of lazy, no good union goons, and we don’t need them.

  2. sandy says:

    I agree-they want to be a top 10 orchestra in a bottom 2 state. The gravy days are over for all of us.IIt’s time for them to understand that. I personally wion’t attend a DSO event or concert again. They are greedy and unrelaistic.

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