DETROIT (WWJ) – A shooting Sunday night on Detroit’s east side, when three men attempted to rob a pizza delivery man. Police tell WWJ, the three approached the delivery man as he was taking a pizza to a house on McCormick, near I-94 and Moross.

Police say the men stole his pizza and his money and then ran. But the delivery man had a gun and shot and killed one of three suspects. Police say the delivery man was licensed to carry a weapon.

The two other suspects were later detained by Harper Woods Police and then turned over to Detroit Police.

Names of the shooting victim, the two other assailants, and the robbery victim have not been released.

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  1. Adam Goforth says:

    If your going to make a career robing pizza boys, go to DC were they don’t care about the second amendment or poor pizza boys like this one.

  2. Jim says:

    Feiger will probably represent the two survivors, and the defense will be that they were leaving the crime scene, and hadn’t killed anyone. I hope he got the pizza and money back before the poilce were called. Good work sir! And this is a reason to move “back” into Detroit to live and/or open a business? Come on Bing, get serious. Bring back the STRESS unit!

  3. Theresia says:

    Good for him! Hopefully this will deter some wannabe robbers next time!

  4. Caren Stiver says:

    I am a teacher at the school where the young man that was shot formerly attended and we are dealing with a lot of sadness today. It is never a “GOOD” thing when a young man dies. I am thankful the delivery man was not hurt, but it still is never “Good” thing. I’ve seen a lot of young people make poor choices over the years that have resulted in death and pain for those left behind. If we take anything from this, it would be that instead of callousness, maybe we all need to look at how we can reach out to our youth to let them know someone cares so we can prevent more things like this from happening. If you can take a look around you and see how you can help young people in some way, you can make a difference. My heart goes out to the mother that I listened to this morning as she challenged our youth to think about their choices and make better ones, to the man that had to resort to violence to protect himself, and to our students that are in pain now. Instead of sitting back and judging, reach out and help young people and help us make a better future for us all.

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